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The origins of the Amzalak family can be found in either Spain or Portugal whose Jewish communities were expelled in 1492 and 1497 respectively. Although there are few pre-eighteenth century historical sources in which the family is mentioned, it would appear that at least some of its members settled in Morocco during the sixteenth century and remained there until the middle of the eighteenth century when they moved to the prospering British colony of Gibraltar.

In Gibraltar, the family soon rose to wealth through the financial ingenuity of Moses and Joseph Amzalak, two brothers from whom the two branches of the family descend. Both became successful merchants: Moses, the elder brother, left Gibraltar and settled in Lisbon, while Joseph remained in the colony until 1816.

The two brothers reunited in Palestine in 1829, when Moses established himself in Jerusalem. Joseph had already been there for thirteen years by then. Joseph died in 1845 and his brother in 1858. With their death, the stories of the two branches have become totaly separated. Joseph's branch would play an important role in the economical development of Palestine, as well as in the affairs of the Sephardi community there. Moses' descendants would spread over several continents and would pursue diverse paths that have led some of them to the Francescan Order, others to the native tribes of Angola, and yet others, to the court of the Portuguese King.

Meet the Family

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Moses Amzalak 1767-1858
Joseph Amzalak 1778-1845
Haim Nissim Amzalak 1828-1916
Joseph Ben-Zion Amzalak 1860-1944
Simon Mark Amzalak 1898-1956
Yael Ella Amzalak 1940-
Nimrod Simon Amzalak 1969-
Noa Ruhama Amzalak 1997-
Michal Neomi Amzalak 1999-

About the Sephardim

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Much of the material appearing in this site is taken from the book "Sephardi Entrepreneurs in Eretz Israel - The Amzalak Family 1816-1918" by Prof. Ruth Kark and Dr. Joseph B. Glass (Magnes Press, Jerusalem:1991).

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