Hilltop Neighborhood Association/
Friends of Garrity Creek - El Sobrante CA
Stop Overdevelopment!
meetings: generally 3rd Saturday, E.S. Library, 10 a.m.

The Hilltop Neighborhood Association has been active in opposing a proposed 40 home development, SD8533, in unincorporated El Sobrante, on 10 acres of hilly open land off Hilltop Drive, including a stretch of Garrity Creek.

The developer has submitted a new plan, consisting of 40 homes, an Emergency Access Road, an acre of open space and a trail or path. The EIR is being written for the new plan and 6 new reports furnished by the Developer and the companies he hired to produce them.

Meetings are generally the third Saturday at 10 a.m. at the El Sobrante Library. Please join us!
For more information,
call 510-223-6091.

Draft EIR is now (Sept. 2005) available; $30.00 if you pick it up or $35.00 if they mail it to you.There is a copy available at the El Sobrante Library and a copy at Supervisor Gioia’s office. You can also get a copy on a CD for $8.50 or $10:00 if they mail it to you. It should also available at http://www.cocoplans.org.

There are four alternative proposals with the 4th one a 61 to 63 home development for cluster homes, which leaves the most open space. Alternative 1 is a park and of course is not recommended, Alternative 2 is for 40 homes and Alternative 3 is for 40 homes. 35 homes were never listed as an Alternative.

Hilltop Neighborhood Association and Friends of Garrity Creek are organizing in opposition to this development, SD8533, because:
· Traffic on Hilltop and Manor roads and neighboring streets would increase by 328 to 410 trips per day, creating gridlock near local schools.
· Overburdened local schools would see enrollment increases without any increase in staff or funds for supplies.
· Increased flooding and water management problems due to creating 10 acres of high density, impervious surfaces. The project eliminates previously open space that allowed storm waters to naturally percolate into the aquifer.
· Loss of wildlife corridor and open space to a development that creates higher risk of landslides and destabilization of existing homes.
· Damage to Garrity Creek and wildlife, increased pollution, etc.

Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -- Margaret Mead > Photo by John Conry
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