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The Grey Party has set its site on taking back our government from the legal profession. Laws that are on the books today have nothing to do with justice, they have more to do with making a few professional very rich. It is time to wake up and take your government back.

Grey Party Canada Stands For Wisdom and Caring
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   Seniors Unite For Health

Grey Party members across Canada are united on the Health Care issue and will not stand for American style health care.

Seniors who are
retiring from the work place, now are feeling the full effect of the loss of their work place health benefit plans.

The high cost of drugs and other required needs are now being paid fully out of their pockets and when it come to making a decision between food or medication, food wins out. Thus placing their health condition on the back burner and compounding their health problem. 

The Grey Party  was founded in January 2002, by Jim Webb from New Brunswick and has not slowed down since. The Grey Party is not a one issue party, but we are launching an all out campaign on Health Care in Canada. What are you willing to do to save it?

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Future of Health Care Commission Tour
Cilck on: Save our Health Care
Terrance Young tells about Health Canada relationship with the multinational drug companies and his daughters death, at the hands of a weak  Pharmaceutial Legislation. Click on Vanessa Young below.
Vanessa Young
United States Managed Style Health Care. Doctor Linda Peeno who came to Canada and addressed the committee on "The Future of Health Care" in Canada, also addressed the U.S. House Of Representatives Committee On Health and Environment. Her testimony called: (Managed Care Ethics ) makes for a very interesting read. Click on: Managed Care Ethics
The Lawyer Cartel by Free Market, click on: George C. Leef
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