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Recent news, February 7 2003: This week, we learned from the media that an enquiry commission has submitted its report on the charges of plagiarism that are the focus of this website.

The report confirms that plagiarism has taken place. The commission specifically found the Vice-Chancellor of Kumaon University, Prof. B.S. Rajput, guilty of plagiarism. Here is one of the media reports:

Indian Express, February 4, 2003

Subsequently it was announced that Prof. Rajput has resigned as Vice-Chancellor of Kumaon University:

The Hindu, February 7, 2003

This page describes a shocking set of instances of plagiarism in Theoretical Physics by an Indian scientist holding a high official position, together with his colleagues.

If you are a physicist working in or concerned with Indian science, it is important that you view the contents of this page, convince yourself of what they represent and make your opinion known.

We have presented factual materials that we believe make it completely clear, without a shadow of doubt, that plagiarism has taken place. The identities of the perpetrators of this are also clear.

This page was created in the hope that serious action will be taken against those responsible for these shameful actions. Their actions pose a grave danger to the interests and reputation of Indian science.

(i) Here are two published papers. You can download them as PDF or PostScript files, print them and compare them for yourself.

Title: Superpotential from black holes Title: Axion-dilaton black holes with SL(2,Z) symmetry through APT-FGP model
Author: Renata Kallosh, Stanford University Authors: S.C. Joshi and B.S. Rajput, Kumaun University
Journal: Physical Review D, Vol 54, No. 8

Date of publication: 15 October 1996

Journal: Europhysics Letters, Vol. 57 No. 5

Date of publication: 1 March 2002

Download this paper (PDF) Download this paper (PDF)
Download this paper (PostScript) Download this paper (PostScript)

You may find it helpful to read a report on the comparison of the above papers:

Read Report

(ii) The above example is by no means an isolated one. We found that many other papers by the same group have been plagiarised in a similar way. Some of the most serious cases are described here in detail. One of these has now been withdrawn by the journal in which it was published (see note at the top of this page):

Read report (PDF) ���� Read report (PostScript)

(iii) Three more instances of unethical scientific practice by the same group are described in the following report:

Read report (PDF) ���� Read report (PostScript)

(iv) Here is information about which of the authors was the "corresponding author" for some of the papers described above.

Read report (PDF) ���� Read report (PostScript)

(v) The journal "Progress of Theoretical Physics" has published an Editor's Note withdrawing the paper of M.P. Singh and B.S. Rajput (see the report in section (ii) above), on the grounds that it is "not an original contribution".

Read this note


Here are links to some recent articles in the news media on this issue. Some of them feature comments from the concerned authors.

On October 11 2002, seven Faculty members at Stanford University, including three Nobel Laureates, wrote a letter to the President of India. They urged him to launch an investigation into the plagiarism scandal that has been described on this website.

Read Stanford letter (PDF) ��� Read Stanford letter (PostScript)

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