The many people behind Enigma's music...

The Music

  • Michael Cretu (a.k.a. Curly M.C.): The man behind Enigma. Does all the music, production, and so forth. Performs many of the vocals, does most of the remixing, and arranges guest vocalists.
  • Frank Peterson (a.k.a. F. Gregorian): Assisted Cretu on E1, has not worked with Enigma since 1991 due to a falling-out between himself and Cretu.
  • Jens Gad: Assists Cretu with a lot of the engineering and music production, does most of the electric guitar solos, and remixes most of the club mixes on the singles.
  • Peter Cornelius: Also did some guitar solos on E2 and E3.
  • Sven Vath (a.k.a. D.F.F.): Remixed the Omen Mix of Principles of Lust.
  • Jam El Mar and Mark Spoon (a.k.a. Jam & Spoon)/Allstar Productions: Remixed the Jam & Spoon Remix of Carly's Song.
  • Orhan Terzi (a.k.a. DJ Quicksilver): Remixed The Roundabout, but this remix never saw the light of day.
  • Peter Ries: Assisted with the Judgement Day Club Mix of Gravity of Love.
  • W. Filz/La Danza Production: Remixed the Dark Vocal Club Mix of Gravity of Love.
  • Andre Tanneberger (a.k.a. ATB): Remixed the ATB Remix and ATB Radio Remix of Push the Limits. Also did a remix for Silence Must Be Heard, but nobody has heard this mix to date.
  • Enrique Muriel: Did the Radio-FX on E4.

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    The Voices

  • Michael Cretu: Does nearly all of the male vocals.
  • Sandra Cretu: Does most of the whispered female vocals. She is Cretu's wife.
  • Louisa Stanley: Does the spoken-word parts on the first three albums. Stanley was a radio plugger for Virgin Records.
  • Elisabeth Houghton: Fills Stanley's role on E4. She is a photographer for Virgin Records.
  • Andreas Harde (a.k.a. Andy Hard, Angel, Angel X): Sings on Return to Innocence. Cretu produced him.
  • Ruth-Ann Boyle: Lead singer of the UK group Olive. Sings on Gravity of Love and a few other songs from E4.
  • Andru Donalds: Jamaican reggae singer that is produced by Cretu. Sings on Modern Crusaders and a few other songs on E4.

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    The Lyrics

  • Michael Cretu: Writes most lyrics.
  • David Fairstein: Assisted Cretu on lyrics for E1, E2, and E3.
  • Frank Peterson: Worked on lyrics on The Voice & The Snake.
  • Nikolas Marten: Wrote the narrations for the Remember the Future DVD.

    The Videos

  • Michael Guimbard: Directed the video for Sadeness part I.
  • Thierry Sadoun: Produced the video for Sadeness part I.
  • Howard Greenhalgh: Directed the videos for Mea Culpa part II, Principles of Lust, and The Rivers of Belief. Also directed the videos for the MCMXC a.D. Complete Album Video.
  • Pam James: Produced the video for Mea Culpa part II.
  • Megan Hollister: Produced the videos for Principles of Lust and The Rivers of Belief.
  • Julien Temple: Directed the videos for Return to Innocence, The Eyes of Truth, and Beyond the Invisible.
  • Big TV!: Directed the video for Age of Loneliness.
  • Angel (not the same as Angel X): Directed the video for Out from the Deep.
  • Anthea Benson: Directed the video for T.N.T. for the Brain.
  • Thomas Job: Directed the two videos from E4.
  • Laura Berkley: She is a British model, and is the main woman in the video for Principles of Lust.
  • Petri Kokko and Susanna Rahkamo: Two Finnish ice-skaters that were world champions in 1995. They are the ice-skaters featured in the video for Beyond the Invisible, and just happened to win a championship skating to the song after the video was shot.
  • Milene Zardo: She is a Brazilian model, and is the main woman seen in the video for Push the Limits - seen playing videogames, etc.

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    The Artwork

  • Johann Zambryski/Lmp: Credited for design and art direction on all four albums. MCMXC a.D. credits Lmp; The CROSS of Changes doesn't credit him; Le Roi... lists him has Johann Zambryski, Lmp; and Screen credits Lmp for the design and Zambryski for the art direction.
  • H.P. Uertz: Painted the cover for MCMXC a.D.
  • Volker Sträter: Created the illustrations for E3.
  • Steffen Jagenburg: Did some original photography for E4.

    The Business

  • Jürgen Thürnau: Enigma's manager.
  • Anja Schleigl: Enigma's old product manager (she quit a while ago).

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