I was working on my resume, and suddenly realised that most of what I do and like revolve around languages.

I'm working as a software developer and as such computer languages are what I use a lot of my days on. But profesional software development requires documentation, not only end-user documentation, but also functional requirements, system design, test specifications and others types of documents. Besides the programming part (functionality), I work with designing the user interface (or Graphical User Interface, GUI). And although it might not be obvious at first, a GUI is a sort of language, with different elements that can be used together to communicate with the user.

So, it hit me, that languages are important to me. Not only because I use alot of languages (and types of languages), I find languages interesting.

The result of all that, is this web site, that's devoted to the languages I knwow.

You'll find descriptions, links and my own small tips and tricks for each language.