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Almost 2000 years ago St. Mark entered Egypt, and set the foundation for the Apostolic Church within Egypt. At the same time, he found it necessary to educate the people about Christianity. In order to do this, he established a catechetical school in Alexandria. This was the same school that was established in 323 BC, by Ptolemy Soter, the school was originally established as a philosophical school, but in addition to this St. Mark created a Theological establishment within this same school. Great minds such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Athanegoras, Demetrius, and even Athanasius, studied in this center of higher education. They learned the sciences, philosophies as well as theology.

In November of 1989, during his second Papal visit to the United States, Pope Shenouda III, Pope and Patriarch of the great city of Alexandria, set the cornerstone for the establishment of a branch of the Theological Seminary in the United States. He established a school in the cities of New Jersey and Los Angeles.

In the following pages you will learn about the One Holy Universal Catholic and Apostolic Church in Egypt, which includes some of the Dogmas, Traditions, and the History of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, and even in the lands of immigration.

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