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   This site commemorates the Polish fighter squadron in the Second World War, its pilots and their efforts for the cause of freedom. Together with several other Polish Air Force units, it contributed very significantly toward the defeat of the occupant of their country: Nazi Germany. This, however, availed nothing toward the goal of a free, democratic Poland. Those who lived through their struggles had to wait for such a Poland almost fifty years. Thus, in May 1945 they lost.  This is a partial chronicle of the 315 Squadron where you'll find links to pilots' accounts, pictures and other bits of information under Read more. Its main feature is a Pilot List which presents these fine men. I am trying to avoid any errors but obviously they might happen here. That's why I am constantly looking for new sources of information - mostly by contacting former 315's pilots - and I will update this site regularly to keep it as accurate as possible. Whether you will "land here, strafe or just take an aerial photo", I hope you will not be disappointed. I dedicate this site to all those who defended the skies of freedom and were excluded from the London's Victory Parade