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Miguel Jose Ferrer was born into a show biz family for his mom was famous jazz singer and actress Rosemary Clooney, and his father, Academy Award winning actor Jose Ferrer.

Miguel, was born on February 7, 1955. He was followed by Maria, 1956; Gabriel, 1957; Monsita, 1958; Rafael, 1960. His dad Jose was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1909 (died January 26, 1992) and Rosemary was born in Maysville, Kentucky on May 23, 1928 (died June 29, 2002) and was of Irish decent.

At age eight he got interested in playing drums from watching little Ricky on I Love Lucy.  At age 17 he started playing drums with the Rochester Symphony with his mom.  In his 20s he played with Ringo Star, Leon Russell and John Sebastian, but it was Bing Crosby that he hooked up with.  After Bing passed away he was left unsure of what path to take.

Miguel decided to work on some live theatre and joined up with the Beverly Hills Playhouse.  He auditioned and got a role as a drummer on the Sunshine television series. His television path kept going on with appearances on Hill Street Blues, Magnum PI and Miami Vice.  He became very recognizable, the face everyone knew, but what was his name?

Television still is in his career strong today with one of the leads on NBC's Crossing Jordan.  People surely know his name now with appearances and leading roles on a long list of movies both on TV and in the theatre.  A list of his filmography can be found on a link below.

Miguel also pens comic books for Marvel Comics such as The Comet Man, The Dreamweaver and Trypto the Acid Dog which was released under Dark Horse Comics.

At the (1999) 41st Grammy Awards Miguel was nominated for Best Spoken Word Album for Children in Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Read-Along. When he is not making movies he is a voiceover actor for commercials and TV advertisement voiceovers.


Miguel's Filmography and Upcoming Movies

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Most people know Miguel best for being George Clooney's cousin, they are very close and good friends to this day.  Miguel was married to ex-actress Leilani for 10 years, but now are divorced-- yes ladies, Miguel is a free man again. They met during the movie The Harvest, they have two young sons and both still live in Los Angeles. Miguel's brother, Gabriel is married to singer Debbie Boone.

In addition to Miguel's continual television, past and upcoming movies, Miguel also is a drummer and part time singer for the band The Jenerators.

I have many favorite Miguel movies, and I hope that my all time favorite is still to come!   His break through and very memorable performance, was in Robocop.  Other great movies include Stephen King's The Stand and Night Flier.  Other notable movies are The Harvest, Where's Marlowe, Traffic, Another Stakeout, Royce, and many many many others.

The Jenerators website
I've received emails asking what happened to the Jenerators website, I'm sorry I do not know. I can only assume the band is not together anymore. Can anyone confirm this?

In 2007 Miguel got remarried in September 2006 to Hollywood entertainment exec, Lori Weintraub.

  In 2007 Sadly Crossing Jordan was cancelled from the NBC line-up but can be seen often in syndication on TV and cable. Also sadly, Bionic Woman was cancelled as well. I am sure Miguel will turn up somewhere.

Miguel keeps us on our toes. You really have to watch for him as he always is popping up as a guest star. Recently he was on Medium and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. There will always be a part for Miguel to play! There will always be fans watching for what he is working on next.

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