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The Patuca Foundation's mission is the conservation and sustainable development of the remaining tropical forests in Honduras, cooperating with local non-profit organization Grupo Ecológico Olancho (GEO).

Area of support and interest : Primary region of support is the designated area of the future system of protected areas as declared by UNESCO, comprised of the Rio Platano Biosphere, the Tawahka Asangni National Park, the Patuca National Park in Honduras and the Bosavas National Park in Nicaragua. This unique park system also forms part of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor; the largest tropical rainforest north of the Amazon Region; located on the Central American Land Bridge.

The jaguar, the tapir and the giant anteater are but a few of the endangered species with wide-ranging territorial needs facing their last opportunity of survival in this region.
Cuyamel River, an arm of the Patuca River within the Patuca National Park. The cleared area in the photograph was illegally deforested by a cattle rancher in 1994. The Patuca Foundation was able to take over this area, 105 hectareas, and received government autorization in 1996 to establish a model farm employing sustainable agricultural methods. The purpose of this project is focused on providing local inhabitants livelihood alternatives to rainforest destruction.
Matamoros Model Farm

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