Kegorator 2
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Other Kegorators
Kegorator 1 “The Craigorator”

This is a project that started May/04 and has slowly been worked on as we have received parts and time off work. The Kegorator is able to hold 2 full sized kegs at a time or 6 Cornelius, home brewed, kegs. The entire unit is self contained does not require anything other than a plug and a glass

"View of the Kegorator in our Living Room without the Formica"

This unit is meant to be a free standing beer dispensing Kegorator. After using the first Kegorator “The Craigorator” we decided to tackle a project that allowed us to dispense a larger volume of beer quicker and without having external CO2 bottles which, sadly, had a propensity to get knocked over by drunken party attendees quite regularly.

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