Welcome to the website of the Walcot Mannequin Mystery


This website has been created to explore the spectacle (and slightly spooky mystery!) that is taking place in a house in the small village of Walcot in the picturesque county of Shropshire, England.  I invite you to join me on this journey . . . view the spectacle for yourself . . . spread the word far and wide . . . for what a word it would truly be!  Come . . . join me . . . and together we can delve into the phenomenon I have entitled the 'Walcot Mannequin Mystery'.  Oh and, if you learn anything, please drop me a message on the GuestbookYou can also view other wonderers' comments here.


So, how did this all come about? . . . In the small village of Walcot there lies a house; not just any house I might add, but a house with a difference.  Bare in mind this is a small, sleepy village; a village which is easily missed as it lies just off a main road, and there is nothing really to distinguish it from any other in England . . . except . . . their lies a mystery.  Looking at the house known as 'The Elms', you will notice three people standing at a front window.  This is not too odd in itself I hear you say?  This is true . . . but . . . look closer . . . these are not human beings . . . these are three carefully positioned mannequins.  I kid you not!  And, depending on when you visit the village, they may well be dressed in differing attire; sometimes even to suit the occasion, ie Halloween or Christmas.  When first spotting them in January 2008, I was amazed, shocked and decided to jump straight onto the internet to get to the bottom of this.  Admittedly, I could have just been brave (and rather nosey) and knocked on the door to ask, but I wanted to live another day!  After all, it is rather odd isn't it?!  To my amazement, I was unable to find any references whatsoever on any internet search engine when looking up 'Walcot', 'dummy', 'mannequin' or anything else for that matter.


You may be sitting at your computer reading this and not believing a word.  I am not asking you to believe any of this.  Please, do go and see for yourself.  I decided to go back a few days later, after first encountering these whilst out on my bike and nearly falling off!  I decided to take a quick snapshot of the spectacle; this was in early January 2008 and they were dressed in Santa costumes!  My partner, who has lived in the surrounding area for over three years, has known of their existence since at least 2004, but has been unable to find 'the truth'.  Some of her colleagues are also aware of them, from cycling trips but are similarly in the dark.  It was then that I decided to start this website.  Picture documentation of my escapades can be found in the IMAGE GALLERY.  Again, if you learn anything, please leave a message on the Guestbook.


Can you help? There must be lots of people out there who have seen these 'creations' and want answers, so please spread the word, help us find answers and sleep better at night!!!!!!!!!! I might add, that I also think these are wonderful and very unique.


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