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Potvin is a Canadian singer,  songwriter, guitar player and producer. Natural from Ottawa, Bryan lived his childhood among several cities,  Winnipeg,  Victoria,

and at the age of 14 moved to Saskatoon, where he formed his first band "Dorys Daye" and played with it for some time before became part of "The Northern Pikes" in 1983, (along with Jay Semko, Merl Bryck, Don Schmid).

As member of "The Northern Pikes" Bryan achieved recognition as singer and songwriter with songs like "Hopes Go Astray", "Dream Away", "Believe", "She Ain't Pretty" and for his talented and imaginative way of playing the guitar. The Pikes records were all certificated gold and "Snow In June" was double platinum.

When "The Northern Pikes" went separated ways in 1993, Bryan along with Jay Semko wrote the Due South Theme, for the pilot of the self named TV Series that later became popular all over the world, but he declined to score the music for the following episodes.

He got involved then in a job as A & R for Mercury Records, signing acts like Zuckerbaby, till January 1999, when Mercury became part of Universal Music. By the time Bryan had realized that his real call was to make music, and started recording his first solo album "Heartbreakthrough", a record that lets exposed his soul, and the process of breaking and recovering from a relationship.

Also late in November of 1999 "Hits & Assorted Secrets 1984-1993" a compilation of hits and unreleased songs by "The Northern Pikes" came out, which lead "The Pikes" to make a support tour in early 2000. Beyond fan recognition, the guys enjoyed to be together and playing again, so it didn't take too long for them to join efforts and get into the making of a new album "Truest Inspiration", showing once more the talent and maturity of this four musicians. 

So Bryan is now pretty busy pursuing two careers, one with "The Northern Pikes" who's CD Truest Inspiration recently won OUTSTANDING POP RECORDING at THE PRAIRIE MUSIC AWARDS 2001 and his solo work, to the one this site is dedicated.

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