Desert Eagle Observatory

Total asteroid discoveries:1,732
What on earth is
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An amateur asteroid hunter's experiment.

Under construction: please bear with me.

Desert Eagle Observatory has been coded 333 by Minor Planet Center. It is a private amateur observatory used mainly for asteroid observations, which includes new discoveries and NEA (near earth asteroid) follow up.

Phase One (Aug. 2000 to Aug. 2001):Accquiring equipment and gaining experience. (see photo at right)Result:
400 new  discoveries.

Phase Two (Sept. 2001 to July 2002):
New observatory and full operation. Result: 1,300 discoveries, including one NEA and one comet.

Phase Three (Aug. 2002): coming soon!

Basics for asteroid hunting
asteroid names

Coming soon:
* How to use the survey weakness to hunt for asteroids
* When the moon is full
First phase building
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