SuprNova - "Blast Wave", The Internet Radio Stations

With the popularity in the bit torrent website, the creation of a partnered amateur radio station SuprNova Radio came to the internet. On the air in January 2004, the radio station offered users of the torrent website the option of listening to music and commentaries while navigating the website. When the torrent site came under preasure from authorities, the radio station disbanded. In December 2004, shut down. As a result, several off-shoot stations were formed with the knowledge a few key players gained while at SuprNova Radio. In the fall of 2004, NovaStream Radio ( went live then shortly after came RadioFusion ( But by the Summer of 2005, internal troubles at RadioFusion resulted in the station going off air. However many of the radio staff went on to form Phoenix Radio ( and went live before the end of July 2005. Another split came when several staff went on to form UnReal Radio ( In March 2006, NovaStream Radio went off the air but experienced a rebirth in December 2006 under new management.

Throughout the changes, these radio stations maintained a similar design with interactive DJs logged onto a devoted IRC channel, themed radio shows and an online request system. And though the music genre changed with DJs and time, most of the music played on the station was either alternative rock, punk or techno/dance. The primary software used for broadcast was Winamp's Shoutcast technology. Each of the stations had a devote community of listeners which often became DJs. Most of the DJ held extensive MP3 libraries, likely obtained from P2P activities such as bit torrents.

On December 20th 2004, SuprNova founder, Sloncek, was interviewed on NovaStream Radio.

SuprNova Radio (Jan. 2004 - Nov. 2004)
NovaStream Radio (Oct. 2004 - March 2006 / Dec. 2006 - current)
RadioFusion (Dec. 2004 - June 2005)
Phoenix Radio (July 2005 - current)
UnReal Radio (Nov. 2005 - Fall 2006?)

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Those that put the blocks together: Sloncek, Trip, Vizion, JWolf, Punker22, LumberjackVictim... and all of the rest of those folks that coded and played MP3s over the net.

What was Suprnova? Check out Wikipedia - Suprnova. 1