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!!! TMEK !!!

T-Mek is the most Awesome Arcade game Atari ever made!

T-Mek is a 2 player sit down virtual reality fighting game. Each player can choose their MEK, a hovering tank with special weapons and abilities. One player can play against 6 AI players and the occasional Boss, or two players can play against each other and 4 AI players. There is a special Tournament mode where two players can go one on one. Up to 3 T-Mek cabinets can be linked for 6 player competitions.

You walk up to your Mek and slide in the seat. Glance over at your opponent through the gate in the next seat over. Choose "Advanced" (always) and key in your Identity. Mull over the Mek choices.. There are 3 basic kinds, Speed, Stealth and Assault. And each one of those has a superset, Hyper, Lurker and Suicide. You check the playing field, sneak a peek at which Mek your opponent picked, and make your choice. Suicide Mek! The countdown begins and the doors open. Onto the playing field! You home in on your opponent with your radar, as you hear the sounds of other Meks fighting, acid drones zinging by, shock bolts zapping, and the dreaded missile beeping.. You sight your opponent and release a POV (Point Of View) missile and steer it towards him.. But his stealth Mek disappears at the last second and the missile goes through him, you hit the right thumb button to self destruct it. As he reappears to your side you swing around but an AI hyper Mek is attacking you! You fire your short range cannon at him, and then another missile, but he jumps over it in defense mode. As he lands, your opponent blasts him with an blinder bomb, you get close and take him out with your cannon and sweep up the kill before your opponent! Ah, shield strength boosted! Not seeing your opponent around, you notice Angel's strength is low, point ranking is high, and is close on the radar. You come in close, and fire another POV, steer it to home, and Angel is dead. Cool, big points. Then, Bang, you got zapped with a blinder bomb! Your opponent is on you! Your suicide Mek doesn't have heavy shields but is quite fast, and you are out of there in no time.. Then you come around the volcano from the other side, go through a blue light to pick up more missiles, see him lurking there, and quietly fire one off.. beep beep beep, POW! He's dead. Suicide Mek has HEAVY fire power. Wow, the adrenaline is rushing.. Angel is back and angry, on your tail. Fast and furious she pounds you! Even with your faster speed by using the defense button it is tough to keep up - shields getting weak - Bang! The vibration reverberates in your seat as Your Mek is killed. Fortunately, you auto-eject in time, drop into a new Mek and are back on the battle field in an instant! Uh-oh, Nazrac says Time is Running Out! You need more points to win.. you see your opponent far away on the radar and take a chance on a POV.. You pull back on both sticks to keep it slow as you maneuver it across the field.. 4,3,2, seconds left KABOOM! you take him out! And the winner is.. You!!! Yah, gotta love this game! Winner Stays, Loser Pays..

T-Mek is available on 3 platforms, Arcade (the best), PC (fair) and Sega Genesis 32x (poor).

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June 2, 2006: Due to changes in my life circumstances, I sold my T-MEK. I'm not going to be updating this site anymore, but feel free to enjoy it! -ibjoe