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This was the late night spin off series from Hollyoaks. It took place in and around Tony and Finn's new restaurant 'Gnosh'.
Not only did it follow a small number of regulars from Hollyoaks but a few new ones were brought in. The series ended with the death of long running character Lewis, after beating ex-girlfriend Ruth (again).

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Production Company:
Mersey Television 2001

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Official Hollyoaks site
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IMDB - Hollyaoks - Movin' On

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Soap Cross-Over

Andonis Anthony

Mark Cronfield

Sarah Dunn
Mandy Richardson

Terri Dwyer
Ruth Osborne

Peter Faulkner
Bob Bridges

Abigail Fisher

Kathryn George
Helen Richardson-Cunningham

Ben Hull
Lewis Richardson

Chloe Howman

Bernard Latham
Gordon Cunningham

Sarah Manners
Sam Marsden

James McKenna
Jack Osborne

Nick Pickard
Tony Hutchinson

James W. Redmond
Rory 'Finn' Finnegan

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