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T-MEK is a coin-op title made by Atari Games. It currently is shipping and available for purchase by arcade operators. T-MEK has a deluxe sit-down configuration, with custom analog controls and Atari's new CAGE immersive surround sound system. Each game cabinet can link two players in head-to-head play, and permit solo play for lone players. Up to three cabinets can be linked for 6-way head-to-head play.

T-MEK combines the realism and strategy of the best simulator games with the competitive thrill of fighting games. The basics can be learned in a minute, but mastery comes, if ever, after hundreds of hard-fought matches. Seasoned players learn to hone their reflexes, make split-second decisions, use their systems skillfully, and employ subtle strategies and counter-strategies to defeat their opponents.

The object of T-MEK is to prove one's superiority against all challengers, rising through Nazrac's tournament ladder until one meets the supreme T-MEK player--Nazrac himself. While you are struggling up the ladder, other players challenge your rank, resulting in spectacular head-to-head battles that can rage with up to six players at once.

In a T-MEK match, you and your MEK enter one of many exotic arenas with at least three other T-MEK pilots. You score points by hitting and destroying other MEKs with your array of blasters, plasma cannons, and more specialized weapons. When a player's MEK is ravaged and explodes, the pilot automatically ejects, grabs a backup MEK, and jumps back into battle. When the match time runs out and the twisted wreckage slides to a stop, Nazrac declares the player with most points the winner. The round winner continues in the tournament for free; the losers must pay a re-entry fee to continue in the competition.

If you defeat a player, you acquire that player's rank in the tournament, catapulting you toward your final victory. When your rank challengers have all been put at bay, you can eventually fight against the boss of each arena, special underlings to Nazrac. Unlike lower-rung battles, these fights are to the death! If you defeat the arena boss, you replace him, her, or IT as the ruler of that arena and the planet it lies on. A very few players have been rumored to have been challenged by Nazrac himself, to remind them of their subordination to him. Nobody has survived these conflicts. Will your ambition tempt Nazrac to call a challenge against you? If it comes to that, who will emerge the ruler of the T-MEK tournament and of all the planets it occupies?