Palatine Farmstead at Old Rhynbeck

Historic Site managed by the Neher Farmstead Committee of the Quitman Resource Center, Rhinebeck, NY

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Committee touring rear the house, March 2002. Slooping roof and dormer window are prominent features at the rear. This house incorporates elements of the Frans Neher house which was approximately 20x24' according to dimensions of the basement excavation. Franz Neher/Near arrived with the 1710 Palatine emigration to New York.

History of the Property              Adjoining Church and Cemetery           House Photos              Dutch Barn Photos            WORKSHOP July 17,2004

This three acre property was donated to the Neher Homestead Committee of the QRC, a not-for-profit preservation organization. An early map of old Rhynbeck area shows the Frans Neher house, located on this property, north of the Reformed Church.   He was paying rent for the land as early as 1747. The cemetery for this church is still in existance but the church was removed before 1802. When Ludwig Elseffer acquired the house in 1762, it began family ownershipsuccession in the female line through the Cotting and Losee families which extended to the year 2000. Photos and Membership Activities will help tell the story of the property as interpretation progresses.

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