Psychedelics 101
introduced by
Peter Stafford, P.I.,
psychedelics investigator,
chronicler & story teller
    Peter has for more than a third of a century written about those  curious, fascinating, powerful substances known as psychedelics.
   Here is where you can find some of his ruminations -- some  elsewhere on the World Wide Web, but also increasingly on this site. This site might be thought of, actually, as a course: Psychedelics 101!
     Stafford's first book on this subject was a collaborative effort with Bonnie Golightly, a writer who earlier had published some 20 books. LSD -- The Problem-Solving Psychedelic was issued in 1967 in the U.S. by Award Books, and then in England both by Foyles Science Book Club & by Sedgewick & Jackson as LSD in Action. It is available now in the Lycaeum's Drug Library at
Other Contents on This Site:

LSD -- The Problem-Solving Psychedelic

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  Psychedelics are the royal road to the unconscious, and I would advise anyone interested in these matters to read Peter Stafford's Psychedelics Encyclopedia -- which will have to do until better brains come along.
             -- Timothy Leary

Stafford's encyclopedia is scholarly, hip, scientific, witty, well-written, hopeful, and a treasure chest of weird and wonderful information.
        -- Robert Anton Wilson

  Stafford writes with authority and charm, an unbeatable blend.
               -- Chester Anderson
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A Child's Story of the Life of Albert Hofmann (4 pages)

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