This website is dedicated to a very special group of people in the entertainment business.  But instead of paying homage, our goal
here will be to present you with a new celebrity every month
whom we will expose for the piece of trash that they really are.

* Shitty Celeb of the Month (April 2002) - Dustin Diamond *

    Ahh, the old days of Saturday morning television.  Zack,
Kelly, Slater, Lisa and oh God please no...Screech.  For the
inaugural S.C. of this website, Dustin Diamond is this
month's champ.  After some very tough deliberation and
thinking, we came to the conclusion that there is no
one who better represents the idiocy of Hollywood than this
    I mean c'mon, do people really think he's still funny?  Did
they EVER think he was?  The sole purpose of his character on
"Saved by the Bell" was strictly to annoy the other characters.
And he was so good at it that he frequently got on the audiences
nerves as well.  VERY FREQUENTLY.
    Nothing about Screech was ever funny.  Shitty writing
combined with shitty acting and a big dose of ugliness
equals one hell of a shitty celeb.  He's not a celeb you say?
Well then go to any big search engine, type in Dustin Diamond
and see how many fansites come up.  It's unbelievable.  Are
people really that stupid?  What's next, Steve Urkel fanclubs?
Oh wait, they already have those.
    In closing, I must say that this guy is the epitomy of the word
LOSER.  Sources say that Mr. Diamond has left his lucrative
acting career and is now a musician.  I guess a resume covered
with "Saved By The Bell" and it's spin-offs just didn't cut it.  For a
real laugh, go check out his OWN website.  All this talk about
him is really starting to irritate me..I'm gonna go start a fight...

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