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Opinions: from a message received by Ted Grussing

Hi Ted,

As for the pleasure of flying the PW-5 - and do I miss the performance of my Discus? Yes, of course, performance is something we seek in any sport. But, there comes a point, if your ego doesn't get in the way, that you have to question how much pleasure you're getting in return for the effort toward that performance. How much pure joy is there in soaring just for the pleasure of soaring with the birds over the red rocks of Sedona?

The beauty of this simple little glider is its simplicity. That simplicity brings me the true joy of what soaring flight is all about. Let's face it: soaring has become very complex during the past couple of decades. As in many of our sports, technology has taken overshadowed the pleasure of direct human involvement. The World Class concept is an effort to stop the slide into technological oblivion in our sport. For me, it works. I am having more pure fun flying my PW-5 than I did commanding sophisticated jet aircraft or racing the most advanced German sailplanes with other ambitious egos.

When I take off in my PW-5, it's just me and a simple flying maching that the 'kid down the street' can affort to fly too. And next year, he or she will be right there with me. Goodbye high-rollers, reputations, and connections, hello everybody else. Hello to the pure joy of soaring in a summer sky with puffy white clouds and who the hell cares if you go one mile farther or even a thousand.

Contests? What can be more fun than flying with a bunch of other people who are all flying the same ships and who are there because they love it. Hey, look at what happened in the World Air Games. What happened to all the big rollers and reputations? I rest my case.


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