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WNNE Basic facts

WNNE and WPTZ, the Vermont duo

WNNE broadcasts from the other side of Vermont, the Connecticut River Valley, and is essentially a repeater of WPTZ, with the exact same schedule and local newscasts with Thom Hallock, Stephanie Gorin and Tom Messner, the world's most enthusiastic meteorologist. However, WNNE does have its own station IDs, local commercials and its own "News Channel 31" opening for the WPTZ news simulcast. During the newscasts, WNNE superimposes its channel 31 logo over the channel 5 logo in the right hand corner of the screen (Similar to how CJNT hides the CBS logo with a CH logo during David Letterman). But occasionally when WNNE has technical problems, the WPTZ logo will peak through.


WNNE was once much more of a local station and actually had its own local newscast. The station even got its own a satellite truck, at some point during its peak in the 80's, when they employed 2 anchors, 2 meteorologists and 2 sports anchors. But in 1989 the staff began to shrink. Eventually a microwave link connecting Plattsburgh to White River Junction was created, meaning that reports from Montpelier and New York State could now be used on WNNE. The downside of this is that Channel 31 would continue to slowly die and become little more than the WPTZ repeater it is today.

Below are a few photos taken in 2000.

WNNE News studio

WNNE-TV's News 31 anchors and floor manager during an 11 PM broadcast in 2000.

WNNE News 31 set

Another view of the former WNNE News 31 set.

WNNE Master Control

WNNE's master control after it was moved. Note the missing master control switcher cut out in the desk!

WNNE News 31

The News 31 control room.

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