The purpose of this page is to share a simple inexpensive well drilling technology developed by our project  to help very poor rural families in Eastern Boliva have access to clean water.*

Families come together and form "water clubs" to drill their own wells. The project provides training and materials. When families come together and drill their own wells, the cost for well and pump combined is between $50 and $100.* This is compared to a conventional well that may cost $1,500 or more drilled with a motorized drilling rig.

The cost is within reach of our poorest families. They pay back when they can and more clubs are formed.

The wells are between 75ft. and 200ft. deep and are drilled through alternating layers of hard clay and salt water bearing layers of sand until we hit a fresh water zone. They take from one to four days to drill. From three to six men are needed. The technique is simple and drilling two or three wells provides enough training to make a fairly competent well driller.

Over 1,600 family wells have been manually drilled since the project began several years ago. Some wells are used by whole villages or neighborhoods. The wells produce  1000-3000plus lts. per hour ( 2 inch cased well) from confined aquifers,

The inexpensive drilling rigs stay with the club and thus an affordable well drilling service is permanently availble to the community.

Our goal is not only a water well in every community but a water well for each and every family that wants one, right outside their own house!  This is a dream come true for many poor families.  

At the same time we share the Good News of Jesus Christ and form local fellowhips of believers that celebrate life and the goodness of God.

Please pray for us and feel free to use any part of the method if you are not charging a fee for drilling or teaching or consulting.    Let us kow if you use this to help poor people have access to clean water.
Feel free to contact us for questions or to share experiences.
Sincerely in Christ

Terry Waller
Southland B.C. Community development missionary and project director.

project was originally  started with designated giffts from individuals  for the project to the IMB,SBC, Human Needs Dept. .  No current formal affiliation with IMB,SBC.                                                                        
                                                                       updated Aug. 2005

(We are now drilling 2 and three inch and even 4 inch wells and 1 inch, 1.5 inch, and 2 inch pumps.  In 2004 families drilled over 200 wells in more than 20 clubs.  One well drilled with motorized adaption was 350ft deep! Wow! Thanks for your prayers and stay tuned for more updates!)
A holistic Christian development program in Bolivia teaching the poor to drill their own deep water wells.   We are  sponsored by Southland Baptist Church of San Angelo, TX. USA/Hendricks Ave. Baptist of Jacksonville Florida/ World Concern Bolivia/Baptist in Bolivia and other caring churches and individuales.                    
Well drilling in progress.
New well for mom and child.
Water club and new well.
Close up  view of drilling.
Diagram of drilling Rig.
Diagram of pump
Well drilling in progress.
Close up  view of manual  drilling.
A "water club" drilling with our low cost locally made motoized  rig.
If you would like to help, click here to contact us .  Prayer partners and financial partners needed.!
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Teaching families like these to drill water wells for $2/meter
*Our materials cost are between $50  (25mt. 2 inch cased well and 1.5 inch  pump) or $100 (50mt. 2 inch cased well and 1,5 inch pump).  Our  manual drilling rigs cost about $250  to build in a simple shop.   TW
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Our low cost 7ft windmill we  designed for our wells. Solves farm water needs for poor families..
Close up of our new motorized rig. Works like the manual rig. Very low cost.  30 mts /day average. 
Click Here to see our low cost windmills and our low cost alternative, farming tools that help families grow more , stop slashing and burning, protect soils, wtih  tools  poor families can afford..
Interesting News from Agua Para Todos

Up Date Aug. 2006

Just finished prototype model low cost village water system for San Lorenzo in Bolivia featuring two Poldaw 1.8 windmills. Water for 40 families and a clinic and school! Thanks Paul and Sandy and the Rotary Club who made this happen!  This system is inexpensive enough for local communities to pay for themselves!

Our international impact is growing!

Water For All, "Baptist" wells drilled with our approach have been drilled so far in,

Bolivia (about 1,800- 2,000 wells total)
Nicaragua (62 wells in club fashion)
Sri Lanka (88 wells)
Cameroon (12 wells)
Kenya (5 wells)
Ethiopia 4 wells)
Chiapas Mexico  (1 well)

Ivo, the young man from Cameroon who made his way all the way to Bolivia in 2005 to train with us has drilled 12 wells and trained another driller.  Wow!  Great work Ivo!   He has drilled both in the highlands of Mbenda and low lands around Duala.

Will soon recieive a well drilling student from the Chaco in N. Argentina.   Joe Stocker will train him.

A possible project is in the works to help the Blair Foundation train to do 1000 wells in Western Ethiopia.

Gabe Hillard did a little "email" course with us and drilled a nice well in the hills of Chiapas.  He is now headed to Mozambique to try there.  Good luck Gabe!

Feasability trial in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Kenya.  We drilled 2 wells  in Rabondo Kenya, (South Western Hill Country Kenya). This was a Life Water trip with Dr. Cathy Fitzgerald.  Drilling rig put together locally and bits made in village of Awendo.   Drilled through hard laterited and got through it!  Fast hectic trips but found low cost drilling very feasible for Kenya.

Ethiopia   3 Wells drilled in Rift Valley around Langano. (CBF Sponsored).  Drilling in Tuff rocke formations. 1 Well drilled in Asosa in latrerite rock and clay formation for Blair Foundation..   Great Trip!   Good job David and Scott.   It works! 

Update.  Kenya.  The local driller trained in Rabondo has since done three wells with more planned.  Latest well 50 ft deep cased  with four inch casing and well was artesian!   This well sponsored by a Cowboy Fellowship mission team.  Good job Pastor Pete and Melchizadeck!

Paul Closen in Nicaragua reports 62 wells drilled by Sutiaba families.  One water club all women.  Drilling through hard cantera rock.  I visited clubs in 2006 and a great work.  People are thrilled.  Paul a great project.

Srii Lanka CBF/World Concern feasability trial for Tsunami reconstruction, 3 wells drilled in Kilinochi area , 2 in Trincomalee, and 3  in Baticaloa.   Scott Hunter the CBF missionary reports an additional 80 wells drilled since. (pray for Sri Lanka. Battles going on as I right in the areas we drilled).

We have full set of very low cost mechanized zero till famring equipment going into serial production!  Can farm up to 50 acres.  Set includes tractor, sprayer and two row seeder all for $4,000. All built in the village!   Would you like a franchise?   

We will be starting "farmer clubs soon" providing tractors and seed and inputs.

Testing new cable drive windmill. 

Harvested soy beans and getting ready to harvest sunflowers with above zero tillage equipment.

Our little porch church in San Julian now has a new building!   Carlos was Baptized right befor we left for furlough!

More than 200 wells drilled in Bolivia in 2004.

Wells now being drilled in Nicaragua via an email course with Mr. Paul Closen.

Deepest well so far 350 ft.

Drilling now through sand stone and shale rock and laterite..

Trained Missionaries from Ethiopia in 2005.

Trained Ivo Ngufor from Mbenda Cameroon in 2005. Ivo reports 12 wells drilled so far plus one well driller trained in in Cameroon.  A truly infomal poor to poor technology transfer.  Teo, a village campesino in Bolivia, traingn Ivo from Cameroon. 

Building prototype  low cost zero till tractor and seeder and sprayer.

Above uses a 3 hp motor. 

Prepared and planted 70 acres of grain sorghum.

Testing 2.5 "model T" windmill of our design.

Our porch church is growing with 30 adults attending.

Manual zero till over elephant grass is working great.

Terry is headed to Sri Lanka in Sept to drill wells with Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and World Concern Sri Lanka.

A trip to Kenya is planned for Jan 2006.

Dr. Fitzgerald thought our technique as good or even better than orthodox light weight rotary drilling equipment. Amazing!
Drilling in Kenya
New well in Ethiopia
New well in Kenya
New well in Baticaloa Sri Lanka
Another new well in Sri Lanka
Women's water club in Nicaragua
These women drilled 10 wells.  YOU GO GIRLS!
Water Celebration in San Lorenzo!
Ivo the young man from
Cameroon who trained in Bolivia
is knocking a homerun drilling in
Cameroon.  Keep it up Ivo!  We
are praying for you!
Chiapas, Mexico in the mountains! drilled by Gabe Hillard.  Photo Gabe Hillard.
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