Wells for Women
"Because coed higher education is still not fully satisfying the needs of women, and because our society is more dependent than ever before upon the talents of women - women's colleges are a necessary part of educational diversity today. We must not assume co-education is gender-equal education simply because it is the current popular choice." ~ President Lisa Marsh Ryerson '81

On October 2, 2004, Ryerson and the Board of Trustees voted to admit men.

A year later: total enrollment increases by twenty, students feel betrayed, alumnae are angry, and the first year class elects a male president! Updated 3/27/06.


Science Building construction begun in location required by the Master Plan (remember that?) necessitates paving of Macmillan lawn, devastation of environment, and relocation of commencement to the Aurora Inn. (New 3/25/05)

Aurora Foundation, LLC packing up and Pleasant Rowland pulling out of Aurora? Don't believe it! (New 3/25/05)

Our by-laws re-written by A.A. Board again! Analysis and links to "final" proposed version here. (Updated 3/25/05)

Students are not reconciled to the betrayal of Wells for Women. (Updated 3/25/05)

Income surplus in year Wells went co-ed because of "financial necessity," but endowment drops next year. (Updated 3/26/06)

A poll by the administration sought alumnae opinion on re-naming our Alumnae Association. Read the results. (Updated 12/11/05)

Where's Lisa? She's not speaking to alumnae groups this fall. (New 11/11/05)

Enrollment and application figures: an administrative numbers game? (Updated 11/11/05)

Consultant hired to find "essence of the institution" after another firm was paid $381,000 to destroy it. (Updated 11/11/05)

FreshMan class president elected. (New 10/30/05)

Press Coverage new and archived. (Updated 3/25/06)

EXPRESS YOUR DISSATISFACTION now with the direction of Wells College. Join the growing number of alumnae calling for new leadership.


Wells for Women