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Thank you for visiting my author site! My full time job is teaching fourth graders in Wilmington, DE and nothing can really beat the satisfaction I get working with young students. Being an author is very important to me, however, and a large number of hours I have free are dedicated to making this part of my life a success. My career as a writer is young (just like me) but I am hopeful there are many great days ahead. I have already found great joy in it and I  look forward to the future. Most of my writing is geared towards middle readers. As a teacher, I have a strong belief that books should be highly entertaining but also offer valuable lessons to young people. My hope is that every book I write gives the reader greater knowledge or a deeper sense of their own values. I am constantly inspired and motivated by the students in my classroom. They can be my toughest critics and my strongest supporters. I can't say enough good things about them and the essential role they play in my writing. While most of my work is geared towards upper elementary and middle school readers, I have found that adults love my work just as much and possibly more! They have also enjoyed the limited number of poems I have produced since they are certainly aimed at a more grown up audience. I hope you take some time to explore the site and please do not hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions. All my best to you and yours...
ABOVE: Standing on the beach in the town I spent my first 28 years in: Marshfield, MA

LEFT: My debut novel,
The Sea Shack
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A writer's work never ends! Take a look at the projects I have on the drawing board and details on my second novel, Dylan Byrnes and the Secrets of Saldanha! I have just completed the initial manuscript and hope to begin pitching book #1 of this Dylan Byrnes series by March of 2009!
Visiting some really great kids in Roatan, Honduras.
Book signing event at Borders in Kingston, MA
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** I have ratained all publishing rights associated with The Sea Shack and all other pieces I have written. If you are an agent or publisher interested in my material, please introduce yourself to me!**
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