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13 October 2002
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My Tribute to Jere Lehtinen

Jere Lehtinen is a forward with the Dallas Stars. He started out as a right wing and found a niche at Modano's side, but he's played on the left since the 1998-99 season. You can expect line changes by new head coach Dave Tippet, but Jere will most likely stay on the left side.

Jere is commonly acknowledged by his teammates as one of the hardest-working players the roster, even though very few people outside of Texas and his native Finland know who he is. He plays with tireless energy and relentless speed. He's a lot stronger than he looks, so he almost always surprises opponents.

What Others Say

"I think that Chumbawumba "Tubthumping" song was written exclusively for our little Finnish Defensive / Two way Selke Trophy specialist..." - Michael Saad

" . . . one of the finest two-way players in the world." - WBAP radio show host Chuck Cooperstein

" . . . the best all-around player . . . " - former Stars teammate Brett Hull

"You know what, Jere is the type of guy that you WANT on your team for the basic fact that he never runs his mouth, never brags, but just goes out there and does his job no matter what the cost and figures that it's a day's pay. Whether he chalks up one assist, one goal, no points or a plus two, or minus one, he does it all with dignity. He never cries when the team loses. He has so much maturity for such a young player, and he's so da*n smart! This guy, folks, is hands down a role model for hockey players in any country. This is a class player. And he shows it by maybe not going to the awards ceremony thinking that he will get his second consecutive Selke. I'm sure he's very honored and happy to be recognized for it, but the important thing is to be a champion and now, Jere Lehtinen is a champion. And you know what? This kid isn't going to quit on making himself a multi-champion. I'm glad he's in the NHL and he's a Dallas Star, because without him, they wouldn't be champions." - Carbo21


It's time for hockey! I couldn't stand to watch another team fight for the Stanley Cup, so it's been five months since I saw my last hockey game. Why, oh, why aren't there summer leagues for hockey? I mean, besides the obvious reasons, like heat. Basketball teams have summer leagues. There's another football league that plays in the summer. Why not one for ice hockey?

Anyway, I'm just happy that I can watch my Stars (and Jere, of course). And once again, Jere's playing on a line with a fellow Finn. Rob DiMaio said "As long as I hear those guys speaking Finnish on the ice, I know who to pass the puck to," referring to Jere and Niko Kapanen.