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Ivor Cutler R.I.P.  1923 to 2006

For quite a while, now, I have been promising to build a website dedicated to Ivor Cutler - the Scottish poet, storyteller, humourist, songwriter, painter and teacher. To be honest, it doesn't look like it's going to happen as I've got way too much material and too little time, so for the foreseeable future I'm presenting my collection of his press interviews on this site.

Ivor's need to communicate through any means necessary and his off-kilter and sometimes slightly sinister way of looking at the world have firmly established him as one of my all-time heros. Bertrand Russel, John Peel, Robert Wyatt and John Lennon are / were all devotees of his work as well.

Reading the collection of interviews below, should give you an insight into his life and philosophy.

John Peel 1969
NME - "Grut Cutlets" - 10/05/86
NME - Christmas Interviews 1986 & 1987
Interview with Ken Garner for "In Session Tonight"
The Guardian - "The Difference A Day Made" - 1997
The Daily Telegraph - "The Two Minute Interview" - 22/03/97
The Times - "The Comeback Kid" - 05/04/97
The Wire - "Invisible Jukebox" - June 1997
The Daily Telegraph - "Me & My God" - 02/08/97
The Guardian - "The Wizard Of Odd" - 12/08/99
The Guardian - "The Interview" - 05/02/00
Interview with Emma Freud for Radio 4 - Loose Ends
Interview with John Walters for Radio 1 - Walters Weekly
The Big Issue - Interview with Ally Fogg - 1998
Draft Record Collector Interview - April 2002
The Guardian - "The Cult of Cutler" - 16/01/04
The Scotsman - "Survival of the Wittiest" - 13/03/04

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Ivor Cutler Discussion Group

Many thanks to members of the ivor list who provided audio interviews for me to transcribe (particularly Mr John Gibbin) - adding to my press cuttings collection. Also a big thank you to all interviewers, publishers, organisations and publications mentioned on this site.

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