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*As always, if you're simply researching John Polidori or anything related to him, libraries are a great place to start. Many also now have websites with searchable databases, and even access to articles and material not readily available in books.*

Dr. John William Polidori

~ Biographical Info & Profiles ~

John Polidori & the Vampyre Biography of Polidori, and how his story "The Vampyre" was created.

Wikipedia Entry about John William Polidori at Wikipedia.

John William Polidori Page about Polidori's life.

The Literary Gothic Polidori page at The Literary Gothic.

Geometry.Net Bibliography & Info.

Gothic Labyrinth Small biography.

John Polidori Bibliography At FantasticFiction.com.

Ampleforth College Biography from the college Polidori attended.

Vinyl Junkies Very short biography & map.

The Free Dictionary Entry for Polidori at The Free Dictionary

~ Essays, Reviews, and Info about The Vampyre ~

The Lord Ruthven Pages Overview of Polidori's creation of the vampyre genre as we know it today.

The other story : The Vampyre from Polidori/Byron Page which talks about that fateful night in 1816 when, in his Villa Diodati, Lord Byron challenged his friends to write the ultimate ghost story...

The Vampyre & Dracula Talks about "The Vampyre" and "Dracula". (I'd also like to thank the owner of this page for SWIPING MY COVER PICTURE. It's not so difficult to make your own, you know - just scan the photo, take it into Photoshop, do weird things with it...)

Vampire Legends Short description of how "The Vampyre" came to be.

*NEW* One Night In Geneva Small page about the night at Byron's villa.

~ E-texts of The Vampyre ~

The Vampyre At sff.net.

The Vampyre HTML text plus a little biography.

The Vampyre At blackmask.com.

The Vampyre At dagonbytes.com.

~ Movies ~

Gothic (1986) Perhaps the most well-known adaptation of Lord Byron and the gang at Villa Diodati, and surely the most strange. Polidori is portrayed ridiculously, like a total nut bag of no importance at all.

Remando al Viento (Rowing With the Wind, 1987) More sombre than "Gothic", but not much better. Beats me why they cast a 47 year-old as Polidori (though the actor was oddly enticing, if not miscast as Doc Polly). Valentine Pelka (who, like Julian Sands, I like regardless) was only mildly convincing as Percy Shelley. And good lord, forget about the absurdity of Hugh Grant as Byron...who the hell was that playing Leigh Hunt?!

Haunted Summer (1988) Based on the novel by Anne Edwards. What the hell were they smoking that they cast Alex Winter as Polidori, that's what I want to know.

*NEW* Gothic (@Trashfiction.co.uk) Small description & review.

~ Buy Books By And About John Polidori ~

eBay Search results for "Polidori" in both keyword and description (you get way more results that way).

Advanced Book Exchange Results from booksellers worldwide. Better than Amazon!

~ Everything Else ~

Letter Facsimile From the National Portrait Gallery: "Handwritten copy (probably by John Murray) of a draft letter written by John Polidori to the editor of the Morning Chronicle giving an account of his role and that of Byron in the creation of The Vampyre." View a second letter (hand-copied by the same person) here. E-Text is provided for both.

The Vampire in 19th-Century Literature Some type of review page which mentions Polidori and assorted things which pertain to him and vampires in general.

Copyright Issues on The Vampyre Kind of a weird link to some posts on a message board, inquiring about copyright on Polidori's book.

"Shelley & Polidori" This is rather interesting; an MP3 download of a heavy rock song entitled "Shelley(sic) & Polidori" by a guy I've never heard of.

Am I Annoying or Not? Guess who has a new page at Am I Annoying? Go there and vote NOT (though I'm sure Lord Byron would contest that vote).

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