CDIrip 0.6.2   NEW! Download now!

CDIrip is a small tool which will scan and extract the contents of a DiscJuggler (both v2.0 and v3.0 versions) image. These images end with extension .CDI, hence the name.

Many people has trouble with these images because of the lack of recorder support DiscJuggler has, so the purpose of this tool is allowing people to burn these images with another recording program, such as CDR-Win. I would recomment this program because of its good support for ISO and WAV track images. CDIrip will automatically generate a cuesheet ready for this program. Anyways, other software can be used, such as Fireburner, WinOnCD and cdrecord.

cdrecord is also useful to test start LBA of resulting CD once burned. Here you can download a win32 compiled version along with pre-configured BAT files. Since cdrecord 1.9 is not able to burn a 300 sector track but 302 as a minimum, here you have a modified cdrecord version which will burn 298 sector tracks as 300 sectors. This hopefully will solve most problems with these "short tracks" when using cdrecord. However, this could not on all burners, you'll have to test it by yourself. This hacked version has been made by Peter Ashley.

Additional versions:

CDIrip 0.6.2 source code

CDIrip 0.6 for Linux (w/source) by Pedro Melo & Pierre Gambarotto
Available also: modified cdrecord version

CDirip 0.6.2 for MacOS X by Lucas Newman

CDirip 0.6.1 for MacOS 9 by Andrew Blum (no CDI v3.5+ support)
Available also: some docs and unpacker tool

CDI2nero 0.9.9   NEW! Download now!

This is a CDI (DiscJuggler) to NRG (Nero) image converter. This one is a unified TAO/DAO version which can make both types of images.

This one has not been fully tested so use it carefully. Many thanks to xeal and myn who have been excellent beta testers!

Additional versions:

cdi2nero 0.9.9 source code

CDIfix 0.3a Download now!

This is a small tool which fixes multiple audio track images containing "short" tracks (i.e. those below 302 sectors in size) so all recorders are able to burn them properly. It has been found that some burners out there cannot burn tracks smaller than 302 sectors. Please note that only multiple audio track images are supported!

This is a new version which now supports any number of contiguous short tracks and also 150 sector tracks, and adds some Windows dialogs so it's easier to use.

It's also a good companion for CDIrip or CDI2nero when having problems with such images.

Please note this has not been fully tested (only with CDI2nero/TAO), althought seems to work fine.

CDIconv 0.2 Download now!

This is a DJ2 to DJ3 image converter so you can use DiscJuggler 3.0 to burn CDI v2.0 images. This is intended for people owning a Mitsumi burner which get "Illegal field in command descriptor block" error when trying to record images with very short tracks (300 sectors). If this doesn't work for you then try CDIfix instead.

Please be aware this will alter your CDI image so make a backup first! Oh and those header*.bin files are for backup purposes only. You'll only need them to restore old 2.0 header if you didn't make a backup copy.

Updated note: DiscJuggler 3.00.736 and up has added native support for CDI v2.0 images so this program is now obsolete. You'll only need it if you want to use a DJ3 version prior than this, althought I would recommend downloading the latest version from Padus' website (see links page).