For those of you who are unsure exactly where Taiwan is I've provided three maps of Taiwan here. The first gives an overview of it's location so you can see where it is in relation to other countries. The second map gives you an overview of the hsiens (counties) of Taiwan. While the third map focuses in tightly on Taiwan so you can see the major cities and counties of Taiwan, and get an idea of the general geographic layout of the Taiwan.
Maps of Taiwan: Taiwan Teacher - the EFL site that exceeds your needs!

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Maps of Taiwan: Taiwan Teacher - the EFL site that exceeds your needs!

"Where is Taiwan? I've heard of it of course, but it's exact geographical location escapes me just now."

Have you ever spent sleepless nights asking yourself this question? Well now you can rest easy. This page is going to answer just that question for you.

The country of Taiwan is a group of 86 small islands. The main island, which is also called Taiwan, the Penghus (the Pescadores) which has 64 islands, and 21 other islands. It is situated off the coast of Mainland China, about halfway between Hong Kong and Japan. It has a total land area of 36,000 square kilometers and a population of about 22,000,000 people. The Tropic of Cancer crosses Taiwan making the northern two-thirds of the island subtropical and the southern third tropical. So it's always nice and warm here, which is a big plus in my book.

There are three maps below to illustrate exactly where Taiwan is. The first one (9k) is a general overview of Taiwan to give you an idea of it's position in the world. The second (27k) shows the 16 counties (hsiens) of Taiwan. And the third map shows Taiwan's cities, mountains, etc, in detail. Sorry, but it's quite large (49k), I can't shrink it down anymore without loosing detail.

They may take a couple of minutes to load. Please be patient.

Taiwan - an overview

Map - overview of Taiwan

The counties (hsiens) of Taiwan

Map of the counties (hsiens) of Taiwan

Taiwan - up close and personal

Map of Taiwan