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Pennies 1¢¥
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Twenty-Cent Pieces 20¢
Quarters 25¢¥
Half-Dollars 50¢¥
Dollars 1$
Numismatic (Collector) Coins
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High Denomination Coins
Gold Sovereign
Platinum Animal Series
Silver Gold Platinum Bullion Coins
Silver Half-Dollar Series
Millennium 1999 Quarters
Millennium 2000 Quarters
Mintage #'s of Circulation Coins
History of Coinage Obverses
Mintage #'s of Numismatic Coins
Canada's Centennial 1967 Coins
Provincial Coins
Canada's 125th Coins
Canada's Test Tokens
Artists of Canadian Coins
Joint Coin Sets
¥ In Canada there is no such thing as Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter and Half-Dollar, these are simply common (nick) names of the coins which we have picked up from our American cousins. The true names of the denominations are One Cent-Piece, Five Cent-Piece, Ten Cent-Piece, Twenty-Five Cent-Piece, and Fifty Cent-Piece. In this page however, I used the nicknames of the coins because those are the everyday terms used for our coins.

You may notice on the next pages, next to the names of designers of the reverse side of the coins their initials in parentheses, example Cosme Saffioti (CS). These one, two or three letters appear somewhere on the reverse side of the coin. On the obverse side, the designer of the bust of the monarch appear on the bottom on the bust of the monarch. Usually these on the obverse side are so small they are very difficult to see, especially on circulation coins as they are usually worn down from handling and sometimes completely worn away. The two above coins are examples of the initials that are found. The coin on the left, TS stands for Thomas Shingles and the coin on the right, SB stands for Susanna Blunt.

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