GRADIUS GAIDEN!!! I don't even know where to start to say how AWESOME this game is, it is beyond what any words can describe! I thought Konami has trapped themselves in their own corner with the mighty Gradius II, but I guess they are just goes. First when I got the game, I quickly opened it and popped it in my PSX, then I gently sat back and awaiting for the intro...and WOW!!! I said to myself,"...if the game wasn't as good as I expected, the intro itself is well worth it!!!" And thats not all, there are 2 different intros including a long movie kick-off and a story that zooms out like the Star Wars intro! There are just too much more to mention!!! Anywayz, I cut the crab. There are many options in the game including a 'male' or 'female' announcer to choose from, I personally like the original 'male' announcer, but once a while changing it to the 'female' one is a nice touch! :) There are 9 stages total, and they are 'FUN'!!! My personal favourite is stage 2 - Requiem for Revengers because there are many old-bosses from the past gradius games all jacked up in the space dumpster, it's cool. There are four ships total each with their own different weapons! The complete descriptions and pictures for the stages, ships, and power-ups are on the bottom.


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