Dadyal - Azad Jammu Kashmir
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All of these photos were taken by myself towards the end of December 2005.

The two images on the left show a
Shopping Plaza which is currently under construction and is likely to be complete by 2008. It is situated near the Dadyal branch of Habib Bank, as well as the Kashmir Bakery in the Aarah segment.

Rumours have it that it will bite into the business of the other popular Shopping Plazas:
Malik Plaza, Akhtar Plaza, and so on. At the moment, it seems as if it will be bigger and better than the others. It also has the option of having a large car park.

The image on the right is of my car (the white one) parked outside the
Kwik Save Super Store, the place where you can get all things British (excluding passports).

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