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For more detailed information about the beginning of the WHITMAN'S, P.D. Crowe has done a great job at her site.  She has even helped me when I first got started.  I didn't even know where to begin.  P.D. has also been granted special permission to put the "Annapolis Valley Whitmans" book online. She has also received the domain rights for "Whitmania".  Thanks, P.D.

Please use this link for information about the Original John Whitman House.

History of the John Whitman House

Use this link to read about the manuscript.

About the Manuscript

These are our Whitman Family Obituary Pages. This is a special place for loved ones who have gone before us, but where they will never be forgotten!!

Obituary Page

Obituary Page 1

This link will take you to C. J.'s genealogy web site.  She has been a good teacher for my web site.  I hope to think that we have also  become friends.
CJ is the founder of a genealogy club that I joined.  How lucky for me. Whenever I have a problem, she is there.  Thanks, C. J."

CJ has made me a co-founder for CJ's Genealogy Corner club. Here is a graphic that she made for me to put here so that our members can view my web site and return to the club. Our's is an open club, which means that anyone can join.  You can click on this graphic, which will take you to our club, take a look around and you are welcome to join.
Update - I am now a co-owner of CJ's Genealogy Corner.

Return to this club.

 This link is for any updates that I receive.  I will update the page to which it belongs, but for those of you who may have already made your copy, you can include this page for your updates. These pages will also show you any updates without having to surf the pages. I hope this helps.


I received a nice poem and wanted to share it. So, click on the link and take a look .  Enjoy!!


I have been taking HTML classes from one of our club ring members called Whitemoonraven. I would really like to thank her for giving me the lessons so far. I am not done yet, but I have finished making my class web page. It's called Rita's Page. This is a page just for me to write anything I want, it is my space on the net. So, click on the link and have a look. I really hope you like it! Thanks Raven.


Here is a link to the Autobiography Of Marion (Whitman) Dawdy. She is in the new branch of Charles Whitman (6). This is quite interesting and starts in the 1920's. Please click on the link below.

Autobiography Of Marion (Whitman) Dawdy

Here is a link to HISTORICAL SKETCH OF NEW ALBANY by Neander P. Whitman.
This was contributed to Whitmania! By Harriet Angulo, a Descendant, through the courtesy of Acadia University Archives.
This wonderful essay on life in New Albany, Nova Scotia, was passed to P.D. Crowe, by Harriet Angulo, a Descendant of Neander P. Whitman. P.D Crowe states, "I think you'll enjoy reading about the history of New Albany and the quaint customs and deep religious faith that helped these early settlers triumph against the harsh environment."
Please click on the link below to read about this very interesting story.

Historical Sketch of New Albany



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