On the original recording of Vitamin C's "Graduation" song, Melissa is one of the girls that speaks.
Melissa's first airdate on OLTL was January 20, 2004.
Melissa Gallo graduated from Lyndhurst High School (Lyndhurst, NJ) in 2000.
She's 21 years old.
Melissa went to the Broadway Bound Dance School in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.
Melissa was born on August 19, 1982.
Melissa graduated from NYU.
Five hours after Melissa graduated from NYU, she found out that she got the role of Adriana on OLTL.
She was in a national commercial for Verizon.
Melissa auditioned to play Marina on Guiding Light.
She comes from "a big Cuban family, a lot of whom reside in the New York area."
Melissa's favorite movie as a kid was "Teen Witch", which starred current co-star Dan Gauthier!

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