Phil Hartman...The Man of 100 Voices!!!

As You Probably Already know, Phil Hartman Died on Thursday May 28th, 1998, from several Gunshot Wounds inflicted on him by his Wife. She then Shot herself. I Heard about it First on TV on a commercial for the 5 O'clock News. "Comedian Phil Hartman Dead. Story at Five." I really thought I didn't hear it right, but unfortunately I did. Phil Hartman was one of my Favorite Comedians. He was somebody who could always make me laugh. Wether on Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, News Radio, in an interview, etc. He was always Funny. With Characters Like Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Unfroven Caveman Lawyer, Frankenstein, Troy Mclure, Lionel Hutz, Bill McNeal, and the List goes on ... This page is set up for people to listen to sounds of Phil Hartman from The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, News Radio, etc. and Remember How he Made us Laugh ...and How He Always Will ...

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Troy McLure

Hi! I'm Troy McLure...You May Remember Me from Such...

Films as P is for Psycho! and the Presidents Neck is Missing!

TV Spin Offs as The Son of Sanford and Son and After Mannix!

Drivers Ed Videos as Alices Adventures through the Windsheild and The Decapatation of Larry Lead Foot!

Educational Films as Lead Paint...Delicious but Deadly! and Here Comes The Metric System !

Dates as Last Night's Dinner !

Instructional Videos as MothBalling your Battle Ship and Dig Your Own Grave and Save!...

Cartoons as Christmas Ape and Christmas Ape goes to Summer Camp!

Celebrity Funerals as Andre the Giant...We Hardly Knew Ye...and Shemp...The Death of a Stooge

Self Help Videos as Smoke Yourself Thin and Get Confident STUPID!

Public Service Videos as...

Fox Network Specials as Alien Nose Job and Five Fabulous Weeks of the Chevy Chase Show!

Right now your probably saying Troy I've Seen Every Simpsons episode...Theres Nothing New You Can Show Me...YOU'VE GOT SOME ATTITUDE MISTER!

Captain Wacky

My Good Looks paid for that Pool and My Talent fulled it with Water!

Ha Ha Ha...

Lionel Hutz

Attorney at Law

(Hutz)I Call for a Bad Court Thingy...(Judge)You mean a Mistrial?...(Hutz)Yeah! Thats Why your the Judge and I'm the Law..Talking..Guy...(Judge)You Mean a Lawyer...(Hutz)Right!

Whats that you say? You want me to Drink You? But I'm in the Middle of a Trial...Excuse me Please

Mrs. Simpson Your in Luck! Your Sexual Harrasment Suit is Just the thing I Need to Rebuild My Shattered Practice!

Ah...Sweet Liquor Eases the Pain...

Hes Had it in for Me Ever since I Kinda Ran Over His Dog...Well Replace the word Kinda with Repeadetly and the word Dog..with Son...

Mr. Simpson Don't worry I watched Matlock in a Bar Last Night...The Sound was Off but I think I got the Gist Of It


Lionel Hutz...Attorney at Law!

The Never ending Story

As of this Moment Lionel Hutz No Longer Exists...Say Hello to Miguel Sanchez!

Lionel Hutz the Realtor? The Law Talking Guy Selling Houses? Click these Files to see if you Remember...

If you Don't Sell a House in your First week...We Fire You

Theres the Truth.......and The Truth

Everyone is Anyone

Lyle Lanley

Monorail Guy

I Give You...The Springfeild Monorail!!!
ByGum It put Them on the Map!
The Monorail Song
The Entire Song!

News Radio

Bill McNeal

Hi This is Bill McNeal ...
Who will crack first ?
Bill Pluggin' His Favorite Malt Liquor On The Air !


Phil as Bill Clinton

There's Gonna Be A Whole Bunch Of Things We Don't Tell Mrs. Clinton

Phil as Ed McMahon

Ed's Drunk Again !
You Are Correct Sir. YES!


Phil Hartman as Charlton Heston

Soylent Green is Made Out of People...ITS PEOPLE!!!

And Now...

Deep Thoughts

Its Happy! Its Fun! Its Happy Fun Ball!

If Happy Fun Ball Begins to Smoke...Take Shelter and Cover Head

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball!

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Contact with Happy Fun Ball!

Happy Fun Ball Contains a Liquid Core that should Not Be Touched,Smelled,or Looked At by Anyone!

More Waves to come Soon...Brian :O)


Hard to Find Pictures of Phil...well not real hard

Phil Hartman Biography

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If you have any sounds of Phil Hartman that I don't, please Contact Me . I Will of course give you credit for the sounds. Its just about sharing more of Phil with his fans. I'd Love to add more to this page if possible. Thanks and Take Care.

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