Opportunity Knocks1976Paradine-Paterson7John FarnhamTalent show. Had previously been a Sydney-based show hosted by Ian Crawford
The Oz Game1988-1989Taffner Ramsay ProductionsABCJohn Derumannouncer:
Alan Glover
Game show about Australia. Alan Glover was absent for a period in 1989, during which time the announcing was undertaken by comedian Anthony Ackroyd
Pass The Buck2002Beckers (?)9John BurgessLasted ~~2 months. After its axing, it was replaced by a revival of Burgo's Catch Phrase
Perfect Match1978Grundy Organisation10Dave AllenbyA different game from the 1980's show with the same title
Perfect Match1984-1989Grundy Organisation10Greg Evans (1984-1986, 1988-1989)

Cameron Daddo (1987-1988)

Debbie Newsome

Tiffany Lamb

Kerrie Friend

Dexter the Robot (1984-1989)

See an information page
2002Grundy Organisation7Shelley Craft'statistician':
Jamie Dunn ("Agro")
Personality Squares1967-1969Grundy Organisation10John Bailey

Joe Martin

Bob Moore

Based on Hollywood Squares
1981Grundy Organisation10Jimmy Hannan
Pick A Box1957-1971Seven Network7Bob DyerDolly DyerSee an information page
Pick Your Face 1999-2003 Banksia Productions 9 Angus Smallwood Kids' show
Play Your Cards Right1984Grundy Organisation7Ugly Dave GrayKerrie Friend & Adele BaileyBased on Card Sharks
Play Your Hunch1962-1964Nine Network9George Foster
Playcards1969Grundy Organisation10John BonneyAnn Aczel
Pot Luck1987Grundy Organisation10Ernie Sigleyresident judge:
Bernard King
Talent show, a revival of Pot of Gold. Some of the most embarrassing acts were used as 'fillers' in the D-Generation's The Late Show in 1993
Pot of Gold1975-1978Grundy Organisation10Tommy Hanlon, jrresident judge:
Bernard King
Grundy's first talent show
Press Your Luck1987-1988Grundy Organisation7Ian Turpieannouncer:
John Deeks
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The Pressure Pak Show1957-1958Seven Network7Jack Davey
The Price is Right1957-1959ATN-7 (Sydney)7Bruce Beeby

Keith Walshe

Aired only in Sydney
1958GTV-9 (Melbourne)9Geoff ManionAired only in Melbourne
19637Horrie Dargie
1973-1974Grundy Organisation10Garry Meadows
1981-1986Grundy Organisation7Ian Turpieannouncer:
John Deeks
See an information page
1989Grundy Organisation10Ian TurpieHour-long version, run on Saturday night. Part of Network 10's attempted revamp in 1989. Lasted 12 episodes
1993-1998Grundy Organisation9Larry Emdurannouncer:
Shawn Cosgrove
See an information page
2003-2005Grundy Organisation9Larry Emdurannouncer:
Shawn Cosgrove
See an information page
Pyramid Challenge1978Grundy Organisation10Malcom Searle
Quest1976-1978ABCABCPeter Reganmusical director:
Brian May
Talent Show
The Quiz Kids1957Show for teenagers, had been running on radio for over 20 years
1964-1968 Seven Network7John Dease
Quiz Master2002Seven Network7Simon ReeveRan as two short series. Dr Trevor Sauer, who had already won $500,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, won $750,000 on this show which, by its self, was the largest prize ever awarded on Australian television
Ripsnorters19977Garry McDonaldannouncer:
Max Rowley
Weekly program, axed after ~~2 months. Also known as Garry McDonald's Ripsnorters. Garry's son called it Garry McDonald's R.I.P.-snorters in reference to its ill fate

Hear the theme music

RocKwiz2005-RenegadeSBSJulia Zemiroco-host:
Brian Nankervis
Visit the official website
Sale of the Century 1980-2001 Grundy Organisation 9 Tony Barber (1980-1991)

Glenn Ridge (1991-2001)

Victoria Nicholls (1980-1982)

Delevene Delaney (1982-1985)

Alyce Platt (1986-1991)

Jo Bailey (1991-1993)

Nicky Buckley (1994-1999)

Karina Brown (2000-2001)

Ron Neate (1980)

Pete Smith (1980-2001)

This site hosts an unofficial Sale website (click on the top frame)
Say When 1962-1964 Grundy Organisation 9 Jimmy Hannan Valerie May The title was later changed to Spending Spree.
Search for a Star 1970-1971 Network 10 10 John Mahon Talent show
1981 Network 10 10 Jimmy Hannan Lasted 11 shows
Second Chance 1977 Grundy Organisation 10 Earle Bailey & Christine Broadway
Shafted2002Southern Star9Red SymonsIntended to run for 6 months and then make way for a revived version of Sale of the Century, the program rated poorly, lasted ~2 months, and was replaced by re-runs of Frasier, which rated so well that Sale's return was put onto the backburner
Showcase 1965-1970 Crawford Productions 10 Gordon Boyd (1965-1970)

Ron McLennan (1970)

1973-1974 Crawford Productions 10 Gordon Boyd
1978 Crawford Productions 10 Stuart Wagstaff
Spending Spree 1971-1976 Grundy Organisation 9 Jimmy Hannan Joan Waters (1971-1973)

Rosemary Margan

Say When, re-vamped and re-titled, to rival Great Temptation
Spicks and Specks 2005- ABC ABC Adam Hills team captains:Myf Warhurst &
Alan Brough
Visit the official website
Split Personality 1967 Network 10 10 Terry Dear Lasted 10 weeks
Split Second 1972-1973 Grundy Organisation 9 Ken James (1972)

Jimmy Hannan (1973)

Star Search 1985-1986 Network 10 10 Greg Evans Yet another talent show
1991 Network 10 10 Jeff Phillips

Mike Hammond

When Mike Hammond was appointed as host, the title changed to Star Search: The New Generation
Stop the Music1950'sSeven Network7John EdenAired only in Melbourne, with an identical format to Name That Tune, which was then airing in Sydney. This was an era in which game shows were produced by the stations airing them, and were not syndicated interstate
Strike it Lucky 1994 Fremantle International 9 Ronnie Burns Jane Blatchford Based on Strike it Rich. Jane was added to the show several weeks after it commenced, in a similar role to the Sale of the Century hostess. Why? Buggered if I know!
Supermarket Sweep 1992-1994 Grundy Organisation 9 Ian Turpie announcers:
Col Mooney & Alan Glover
See an information page
Superquiz 1989 Grundy Organisation 10 Mike Walsh Deborah Hutton See an information page
Surprise Package 1961 Grundy Organisation 9 Ray Taylor John O'Grady was the show's writer
Take a Chance 1959 Seven Network 7 Ross Higgins, Kevin Colson & John Burls Eric Parrant
Take a Letter 1967 Willard King Organisation 10 Jimmy Hannan Based on Scrabble
Take the Hint 1963-1966 Grundy Organisation 9 Frank Wilson More charades! Succeeded by Letter Charades
Talking Telephone Numbers 1996 Grundy Organisation 7 Rob Elliott & Bridget Adams announcer:
John Deeks
No contestants. A variety show with 'home viewer competition' format. Axed after three shows
Tell the Truth 1959-1965 Grundy Organisation 9 George Foster

Mike Williamson (1965)

Similar format to What's My Line?
1971-1972 Grundy Organisation 10 Earle Bailey
Temptation/Great Temptation1970-1976Grundy Organisation7Tony BarberBarbie Rogers

Max Rowley

Based on Sale of the Century
See an information page
2005- Grundy Organisation 9 Ed Phillips Livinia Nixon Visit the official website
Theatre Sports 1987 ABC ABC Paul Chubb judges:
Debbie Spillaine
Dennis Watkins
Based on the impro activities played by the Theatresports organisation initiated in Australia by Dennis Watkins
Three on a MatchI have no production details about this show. It somehow used colours as a part of the game, and billed itself as "Australia's first colour game show." Unfortunately, Australian TV was still in black and white! (Therefore, the show aired some time between 1956 and 1975)
Tic-Tac-Dough 1960-1964 Grundy Organisation 9 Chuck Faulkner
Time Masters 1996-1997 Southern Star 7 Tony Johnston announcers:

Mark Malone (1996)

Jason Walkerden(1997)

Kids' show
The Tommy Hanlon Show 1967-1968 NLT Productions 9 Tommy Hanlon, jr. The Trading With Tommy segment of It Could Be You was turned into this early-evening program, which then reverted to the old title and daytime format when Tommy was sacked from 9
Total Recall 1994-1995 Fremantle International 7 Michael Pope announcer:
Mark Malone
Kids' show
Treasure Hunt 1977-1978 Network 10 10 Chard Hayward (1977)

Milce Minehan (1978)

Maree Van Maaren
The Trivial Video Show 1986 Jacaranda Productions 7 Michael Pope Kerrie Friend & Adele Bailey
TV Talent Scout 1957-1958 Seven Network 7 Bob Pollard Reportedly, Australian TV's first talent show
University Challenge 1987-1989 ABC ABC Dr Magnus Clark Originally a British show, based on College Bowl. At the end of the 1989 series, the winning university played in a show-down against the winning university from the New Zealand version. Magnus co-hosted this with the New Zealand host
Video Village 1960's Nine Network 9 Danny Webb Originally an adult quiz, but later became a children's program
Vidiot 1992-1994 ABC ABC Eden Gaha (1992-1993)

Scott McRae (1994)

For teenagers
Visquiz 1985 Neriki Productions SBS Mark Bonelli For teenagers. 26 episode-long series
The Weakest Link2001-2002Golden Globe Entertainment7Cornelia Francesannouncer:
Marcus Irvine
A testimony to television's eternal recycling of ideas. The program was originally criticised for being a hybrid of Survivor and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The following year, Shafted aired, accused of being a rip-off of THIS show!

See an information page

What's it Worth? 1950's ABC ABC Norman Griffiths
Wheel of Fortune 1959-1962 Nine Network 9 Reg Grundy (1959-1962)

Walter Elliott (1962)

See an information page
Wheel of Fortune 1981-2004 Grundy Organisation 7 Ernie Sigley (1981-1984)

John Burgess (1984-1996)

Tony Barber (1996)

Rob Elliott (1997-2003)

Steve Oemcke (2004)

Adriana Xenides

Sophie Falkiner

John Dean

John Deeks (1985-1995, 1997-)

David Day

Ron E Sparks

See an information page

Visit an unofficial website

2006 Grundy Organisation 7 Larry Emdur Laura Csortan

John Deeks

A revival of the previous production which had been 'rested' throughout 2005. Lasted six months
2008 Fremantle 9 Tim Campbell Kelly Landry Titled Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune, axed after five weeks
Who Wants To Be a Milionaire? 1999- Grundy Organisation (1999-2003)

Nine Network (2003-)

9 Eddie McGuire (1999-2006) See an information page

Visit the official website

2007 Nine Network 9 Eddie McGuire Initially to replace Temptation in the 7pm Monday-Friday slot, it was a 90-minute live-to-air version running 7-8.30pm on Mondays, with Temptation running on Tuesday-Friday.
Win Roy & HG's money 2000 Grundy Organisation 7 John Doyle & Greig Pickhaver ("Roy Slaven & HG Nelson") Based on Win Ben Stein's Money
Wipe Out 1999-2001 7 Tony Johnston announcer:
Troy Swindells-Grose
Kids' show
Would You Believe? 1970-1974 ABC ABC Peter Lazar regular panellists:
Frank Hardy
Jacki Weaver
Cyril Pearl
Noelene Brown
Based on Call My Bluff

Scripted by John O'Grady

You're a Star 1982 GC Productions 10 Tim Webster judge:
Tommy Tycho
Goodness me... another talent show!

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