17th Wild Weasel Squadron
Korat RTAFB, Thailand, 1 December 1971 - 15 November 1974
Tail code: JB

Absorbed personnel and equipment of the inactivating 6010th Wild Weasel Squadron at Korat RTAFB, Thailand on 1 December 1971. Participated in air operations in Southeast Asia, 1971-1973. Supported all strikes into North Vietnam when strike aircraft had missions in high threat areas. Alerted and advised strike forces of SAM activity and radar-directed anti-aircraft artillery (AAA). Validated SAM launches, and attacked hostile missile sites with air-to-ground munitions. Withdrew from combat in April 1973 to enter into training activity. Trained for proficiency in Wild Weasel tactics. The 17th WWS flew only a single combat mission in mid-April 1973. All active support air operations terminated in last two weeks of November 1973, the squadron thereafter maintaining combat-ready proficiency status in case of hostilities, worldwide. Maintained capability to deliver Wild Weasel support for B-52, F-111 and F-4 aircraft, and to be prepared for hard-ordnance capability in a hunter-killer role until inactivation in mid-November 1974.

The 17th Wild Weasel Squadron, at that time the only squadron with such a designation in the entire USAF, transferred its personnel and equipment to George AFB, where it continued its life as the 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron.

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