34th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Rams"
Korat RTAFB, Thailand, 15 May 1966 - 10 May 1969

On 15 May 1966 the 34th TFS was organized at Korat RTAFB, assigned to the 41st Air Division (located at Yokota AB, Japan) but attached for all practical purposes to the resident 388th Tactical Fighter Wing. All equipment, including F-105s, and all personnel came from resources of the 41st Air Division, especially the 36th TFS.

The squadron soon entered into combat in Southeast Asia and by 1 July 1966 it was fully manned and equipped. By February 1967 several of the 34th pilots had completed 100 Missions combat tours in support of the 388th Wing's combat mission.

Pacific Air Forces transferred the 34th on 15 January 1968 to the 347th TFW (at Yokota AB, Japan), but it remained attached to the 388th TFW. Like all other Thunderchief combat squadrons, the 34th flew its share of tough strike missions to North Vietnam.

After 31 March 1968, the authorities restricted air operations to the lower panhandle of North Vietnam (below the 19th parallel). Then, on 1 November 1968, the bombing campaign to North Vietnam was halted entirely and combat missions shifted to intensive operations against the enemy in South Vietnam.

On 9 May 1969, the 34th flew its last F-105 mission then stood down to receive F-4E Phantoms. The squadron remained at Korat until December 1975.

Today, the 34th FS flies F-16C Fighting Falcons out of Hill AFB, Utah. It is assigned to the 388th FW there.

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