13th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Panther Pack"
Korat RTAFB, Thailand, 15 May 1966 - 19 October 1967

The 13th TFS deployed to Korat RTAFB around 15 May 1966 and was mainly made up of pilots from the 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron out of Kadena AB. For some peculiar reason, the 44th TFS could not retain its numerical designator when it PCS-ed to Korat.

The squadron flew Strike and Wild Weasel missions, for the latter purpose a fifth flight had several F-105F's assigned. The WW EWO's (aka "Bears") however were not assigned to the 13th, but rather to Detachment 1, 388th TFW. This was a result of an Air Force regulation which prohibited the assignment of navigator rated officers to Fighter Squadrons. However, matters were soon straightened out and the EWOs also came aboard the 13th TFS.

Throughout the remainder of 1966 and until its deactivation in October 1967, the 13th participated in all major strikes to North Vietnam. On 11 August 1967, two 13th TFS members, squadron commander Lt.Col. James E. McInerney and his EWO, Capt Fred Shannon (deceased), won the Air Force Cross for their participation in the raid to bring the Doumer Bridge down.

Due to the high attrition rate the Thailand based Thunderchief squadrons were suffering, the 13th TFS was transferred to Udorn RTAFB as an F-4D Phantom II squadron on 20 October 1967; its aircraft and personnel were absorbed by the 44th TFS which had earlier also absorbed men and machines from the 421st TFS at Korat.

Today, the 13th FS flies the F-16C/D out of Misawa AB, Japan. Their F-16s are equipped with the HARM Targeting System, enabling them to perform the Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) mission.

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