Insania 1998 present's Vengeance



Although similar to Ghost Rider in appearance, Vengeance possesses a more
demonic look than his counterpart. Early reports indicated that he was more
powerful and that his destructive power seemed to be aimed at only one target -
Ghost Rider himself. Vengeance is the alter ego of Michael Badilino, whose family
was somehow destroyed by the Zarathos Ghost Rider. Believing the current Ghost
Rider to be the spirit who destroyed his family, Michael tracked Ghost Rider for a
while, unable to exact his revenge. News of Badilino's quest was brought to the
attention of Mephisto, who made the tortured Badalino an offer he couldn't resist.
Mephisto granted Badalino the power to destroy Ghost Rider in exchange for his
soul. Now known as Vengeance, Michael raged war on both Ghost Rider and John
Blaze. When it was revealed that the current Ghost Rider was not the same spirit
who killed Michael's family, Vengeance teamed with GR & Blaze to do battle
against evil. During the Siege of Darkness crossover, Ghost Rider died and
Vengeance assumed the role as the new Spirit of Vengeance. In time, the real Ghost
Rider returned and Vengeance seemingly destroyed himself along with longtime
nemesis Hellgate. But, there are rumors of Vengeance's return on the horizon.
Maybe Michael Badalino isn't in hell after all.

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