Insania 1998 Present's Scream



Name: Scream/Donna (No last name given)

Origin: When Eddie Brock and his symbiote were seperated the Life Foundation
experimented with the symbiote and created 5 new symbiotes. The Life Foundation
made these symbiotes to bond with 5 of there employee's to create the ultimate
policemen for there new utopian society but the symbiotes were mentally
undeveloped so they broke out and kidnapped eddie brock as a last ditch effort to
try to communicate with there symbiotes.

Description: Yellow and Red body with long Yellow and Red hair that can act
as a weapon and tentacle.

Further on down the road: Eddie Brock escaped from them and when he
killed Brown Symbiote and Purple Symbiote she went insane and killed Lasher and
Riot and vowed to kill all symbiotes because they were evil.

Today: She has now regained her faculties and is helping symbiotes left over
from Planet of the Symbiotes and was recently in Venom: The Hunted.

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