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Root Locus enables you to plot the root locus of a given transfer function. You can easily add poles and zeros of the transfer function and the program will continue every thing for you. The program is very easy to use and supports many feature. Did I tell you? It's totally free.

OverviewScreen ShotsFeaturesDownload

OverviewScreen ShotsFeaturesDownload

Main features

  • User friendly graphical user interface with poles and zeros shown in the s-plane.
  • Save and load the set of poles and zeros added.
  • Zoom in/out and scroll to easily watch the s-plane and parts of the root locus.
  • Very fast and accurate root locus plot.
  • Arrows are shown on the root locus to define its direction.
  • Show/Hide any parts of the s-plane to concentrate on a certain part.
  • Show grid and snap to grid will help you enter your problem much faster.
  • Print and copy the root locus to easily build your reports.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Advanced features

  • Draw the loci of constant damping ratio, damping factor, damped or undamped natural frequency.
  • Set the constant k to any desired value and see all poles at this value.
  • Determine the value of k at each part of the root locus.
  • Ability to maintain the aspect ratio of the s-plane for a better view.
  • Other features

  • Print a semi-log paper for drawing bode diagrams.
  • Print a charts paper for general use.
  • Set the color of the printed papers to your favorite one.
  • OverviewScreen ShotsFeaturesDownload

    Download size is 574 Kb.

    System Requirements:
    Windows 2000 or XP
    16 MB RAM or higher
    3 MB of free disk space

    It comes as one zip file. Extract it and run (RLsetup.exe) which will guide you through the rest of the installaion process.

    Click here to download Root Locus.

    You will need a program to extract the zip file. You can download WinZip for free at

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