Former winners and teammates Curtis Warren and Melissa Skirboll are here.  Each of them took home $410,000 on their last appearance.  Tonight, one of these two contestants may win $1,000,000 in the "Million Dollar Moment."  Who will get the chance?  Find out tonight on... 



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NOTE:  You must SCROLL all the way to the bottom of this page to see what happened on the MILLION DOLLAR MOMENT...this is to force you to see the whole page! :)

Game 38:  $2,000,000 Jackpot

We welcome back Jennifer, Forest, Patrick, and their captain Dana.  When we last left them, they had won $200,000 and have a shot at $500,000.  Another team member, David, left with $10,000 after challenging Dana and losing, so here we are: 

Dana:  Has $80,000
Forest:  Has $40,000
Jennifer:  Has $40,000
Patrick:  Has $40,000

The $500,000 category is:  Magazines
Forest wants to go...but Dana definitely doesn't, so they're stopping!


Game 39 : Las Vegas Team #2:  $2,000,000 Jackpot

Mike Reardon - Writer
Tennille Petronovich - Sales Executive
Frank Sedoris - Baccarat Dealer
Jill Perez - Jewelry Rep
Girish Apte - Home Automation Engineer
Lamarc Drachen - Network Engineer

Qualifying Question:  How many current dollars would you need to purchase what 100 dollars bought in 1969?  Answer: 453.

Mike 27 5th
Tennille 200 4th
Frank 400 1st **CAPTAIN**
Jill 600 3rd
Lamarc 550 2nd

Mike - for $25,000:  Animals are involved in which one of these sports?
Is it...Jai Alai, Curling, Polo, or Squash?
Mike says Polo, Frank accepts it, and they're right for $25,000!

Tennille - for $50,000:  What are you most likely to purchase at Crabtree and Evelyn?
Is it...Plants, Shoes, Toiletries/Perfumes, or Seafood?
Tennille says Toiletries & Perfumes, Frank hesitantly accepts it, and they're right for $50,000!

Jill - for $75,000:  Who has never been a regular host of the "Today" show?
Is it...Pat Sajak, Bryant Gumbel, Tom Brokaw, Deborah Norville, or Barbara Walters?
Jill says Pat Sajak, Frank would rather not accept, but accepts it, and they've won $75,000!

Lamarc - for $100,000:  Where does a croupier work?
Is a casino, hospital, restaurant, orchestra, or art museum?
(Well, let's see, since Chuck said "obviously, our question selection is random; we would never ask this question of a Las Vegas person," I wonder what it could be....)
Lamarc says Restaurant (he didn't pick up on Chuck's semi-hint, obviously), Frank rejects it and goes with Casino.  Frank's right, and they've won $100,000!

The $200,000 category is:  Computers
And they're going on!

And the Terminator is about to make its choice...and it's chosen Mike!  
Mike uses a little deduction, decides they need Lamarc on the team, and challenges the captain, Frank!

Terminator Question:
What flamboyant boxing promoter is synonomous with...?  Mike rings in:  "Don King."  And he's right, AND he's the captain!

Mike:  Playing for $80,000; $10,000 in pocket
Lamarc:  Playing for $40,000
Jill:  Playing for $40,000
Tennille:  Playing for $40,000
Frank:  OUT

For $200,000:
Which four of these keys appear on a standard keyboard for an IBM-compatible PC?

They use the freebie, eliminating Save.

  Pause Shift Tennille's choice
FREEBIE Save End Jill's choice
Lamarc's choice Home Send Mike's choice

Is Shift correct?  Yes!
Is End correct?  Yes!
Is Home correct?   Yes!

Chuck's got $20,000...and he would love to give it to Mike and his team if they're not sure.
He doesn't want the cash though, so they're going on!

Is Send correct?  NO!  And they're out, and only Mike goes home with $10,000 cash!

Mike:  $10,000

Game 40 : Las Vegas Team #3:  $2,000,000 Jackpot

Mindy Shapiro - Physician
James Reed - Salesman
Ruben Aguire - Security
Louise Oberson - Assistant Manager
Howard Barrish - Restaraunt Owner
James (Jimmy) Rogers - Dice Dealer

Qualifying Question:  How many years has the Wall Street Journal been published?  Answer: 111.

Mindy 110 1st **CAPTAIN**
James 120 2nd
Ruben 74 5th
Louise 100 3rd
Howard 90 4th
James (Jimmy)    

Ruben - for $25,000:  Who was NOT one of the original castaways on "Gilligan's Island"?
Is it...Professor, Millionaire, Movie Star, or Salesman?
Ruben says The Salesman, Mindy accepts it, and they're right for $25,000!

Howard - for $50,000:  What are you planning to order if you're checking the Burpee catalog?
Is it...Seeds, Infant items, Tupperware, or Baseball cards?
Howard says Infant toys & clothes, Mindy rejects it and selects Vegetable and flower seeds.  Mindy's right, and they've got $50,000!

Louise - for $75,000:  How many current U.S. Supreme Court Justices are women?
Is it...0, 2, 3, 4, or 5?
Louise says zero, Mindy rejects it again and says 2.  Mindy's right again, and they've won $75,000!

James - for $100,000:   What is the all-time best-selling fragrance?
Is it...Poison, Eternity, Obsession, Chanel No. 5, or White Diamonds?
James believes it's Chanel No. 5, Mindy agrees with it, and they've won $100,000!

The $200,000 category is:  Salad Dressings
And they're going on!

And the Terminator is about to make its choice...and it's chosen Howard!  
He's going to take the $10,000 and challenge Louise!

Terminator Question:
What is the official currency of Japan?  Howard rings in:  "Yen."  He's right, and he survives!

Howard:  Playing for $80,000; $10,000 in pocket
Mindy:  Playing for $40,000
James:  Playing for $40,000
Ruben:  Playing for $40,000
Louise:  OUT

For $200,000:
What are the four best-selling Kraft salad dressings?

They save the freebie.

  Creamy buttermilk Tomato & Herb  
Ruben's choice Honey Dijon Ranch Howard's choice
Mindy's choice Thousand Island Zesty Italian James's choice

Is Thousand Island correct?  Yes!
Is Ranch correct?  Yes!
Is Zesty Italian correct?   Yes!

Chuck's got $20,000...and he would love to give it to Dana and her team if they're not sure.
She wants to go, so... 

Is Honey Dijon correct?  NO!!  And they've lost!  It was Creamy Buttermilk.

Howard:  $10,000

Game 41 : $2,000,000 Jackpot

(NOTE:  Last names are likely wrong due to odd closed captioning.)

Mark Westgard - Viborg, SD - Teacher
Laizer Gould - Pittsburgh, PA - Defense Attorney
Annemarie Buchta - Manahattan Beach, CA - Attorney
Gary Heinz - Los Angeles, CA - Attorney/Minister
David Mayland - Chicago, IL - Teacher
Penny Ridgeway - Birmingham, UK - Journalist

Qualifying Question:  In terms of millions, how many ounces of gold are stored at Fort Knox?  Answer: 147.

Mark 654 5th
Laizer 400 2nd
Annemarie 500 4th
David 250 1st **CAPTAIN**
Penny 495 3rd

Mark - for $25,000:  What lingerie company sends out over 400 million sexy catalogs?
Is it...Maidenform, Olga, Lily of France, or Victoria's Secret?
Mark says it's his favorite, Victoria's Secret, David accepts it, and they're right for $25,000!

Annemarie - for $50,000:  What contract will pay an executive large amounts of money if they lose their job?
Is it...Feather bed, fiscal air bag, golden parachute, or silver harness?
Annemarie says Golden Parachute, David accepts it. They're right, and they've got $50,000!

Penny - for $75,000:  What material are you shaping if you practice origami?
Is it...Paper, clay, glass, bronze, or wax?
Penny says paper, David accepts it, and they've won $75,000!

Laizer - for $100,000:   Which is greatest in number?
Is it...Piano keys, # of US Senators, weeks in a year, # of super bowls, or spaces on a roulette wheel?
Laizer believes it's 100 - US Senators, David agrees with it, and they've won $100,000!

AND WE'RE OUT OF TIME FOR OUR REGULAR GAMEPLAY!  This team will be back Friday, February 18th, at 9/8C on your local Fox station!  (KEEP SCROLLING!)

But don't leave yet!  It's time for our Million Dollar Moment:
Curtis Warren:  $410,000
Melissa Skirboll:  $410,000

Terminator Question:
What auto maker is the parent company of the luxury car, Lexus?  Curtis rings in:  "Toyota."  And he's right!  He's playing for a million!  Melissa goes back home...again!

For $1,000,000:
Which four of these TV shows were also made into movies?

  McHale's Navy Hawaii Five-O  
  Melrose Place The Flintstones  
  Bewitched Miami Vice  
  Dragnet Beverly Hillbillies  

So is he right?  Let's find out:

  McHale's Navy Hawaii Five-O  
  Melrose Place The Flintstones  
  Bewitched Miami Vice  
  Dragnet Beverly Hillbillies  

YES!!! And he's won a million dollars, making him the new TV Game Show King (as of 2/11/2000), with $1,410,000!