As polyominoes are shapes made joining two or more squares, polypolyominoes (poly2ominoes) are shapes made joining two or more congruent polyominoes.


Poly2ominoes are interesting when they are congruent with another poly2omino. Finding these pairs coincidences, are sooner or later out of the reach of our computer algorithms, so hand solvers, right now, have a chance against the machines. Anyway, only with a computer complete search we can get the pair's smallest area shape. Some examples:

Next links point to tables where each cell contains two congruent shapes, one is a poly-N-omino, the other is a poly-M-omino.
Most solutions were found by Robert Reid and Michael Reid by hand, looking for the smallest possible area.


Smallest area poly2ominoes with most distinct n-ominoes.

Jorge Mireles
Last update: Nov 30 2003