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GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

Terror In America

record label catalog # fomat year
Alive Records ALIVECD0012 (view) CD 1996
Alive Records ALIVE0012 LP 1996

track # title mm:ss
A-01 Bite It n/a
A-02 Look Into My Eyes & Hate Me n/a
A-03 Take Aim And Fire n/a
A-04 Terror In America n/a
A-05 Highest Power n/a
A-06 Gypsy Motherfucker n/a
B-01 Outlaw Scumfuc n/a
B-02 Fuck Authority n/a
B-03 Cunt Suckin' Cannibal n/a
B-04 Outlaw Scumfuc (acoustic) n/a
B-05 Wendy & Tilla n/a
B-06 I Like To Be Hated n/a


GG Allin & The Murder Junkies are:
GG Allin - vocals; William Gilmore Weber III - guitar & backing vocals; Merle Allin - bass & backing vocals; Donald Saches (aka Dino Sex) - drums

Recording Information

Tracks A-01/06, B-03, 06:
Recorded live at The Fastlane - Asbury Park, NJ - 25-APR-1993.

Track B-01:
Recorded live at The Penguin Pub - Youngstown, OH - 12-MAY-1993.

Track B-02, 04/05:
Recorded in hotel room - New Orleans, LA - 16-MAY-1993.

Tracks taken from video taped recordings by Evan Cohen and Peter Demattia.

Produced by The Murder Junkies.

Pressing Information

Unknown number of units pressed on black vinyl.

Additional Information

Photographs by Clayton Patterson.

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