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Congratulations to Ray Nagin, formerly of Cox Communications, who has won the seat for mayor of New Orleans. He defeated police chief, Pennington, and is a newcomer to the political scene. Nagin has promised to use more technology and to be independent from outside influences. Several city politicians and office holders decided to join Nagin's bandwagon when it became apparent (to this website) that such an association would be beneficial to them. We know Mayor Nagin through the Krewe of Endymion when he rode in the past.

May/June 2002 - Mayor Nagin has hired former Councilman Jim Singleton to assist him in the smoothe transition of his tenure. Singleton uses a city vehicle and may be in line for a permanent position in Nagin's administration. We hope Mayor Nagin goes back to keeping his promise - and no favors.

February 2000 - Jacques Morial, brother of New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, had his driving-while-intoxicated charges dismissed by a court appointed attorney. Jacques, who had been stopped by the police, refused the sobriety test and was allowed to plead to a lesser charge. No DWI on his driving record... No DWI high insurance rates... And, he still has his driving license!

According to local sources, the mayor's brother could not walk a straight line and demonstrated other noticeable signs of intoxication.

While no one's sure the mayor interfered, could the problem be with the subordinate who made the decision? Was he mindful of the mayor's presence as his ultimate boss, or other possible threats that may become eminent later? Sounds silly, but what would happen if the decision maker was caught littering, especially  if Jacques was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Would he/she be passed over for promotion OR relegated to the graveyard shift the rest of his/her career? Think about it...

December 2000 - While shopping at Lakeside Shopping Center 12/23/00, Marc Morial's driver got ticketed for parking in a handicap zone. He claimed that the spot was not properly marked. Aw, come on! I wonder if he'll pay the ticket or get it fixed?

Mayor's Race

The mayor is trying to change the city charter to allow him to run for a third term. He has been working to gather up his alliances and supporters to assist him.

Only time will tell if he's successful, or if he wants to go through the hassle.

5/6/00 - Former NORD chief is doing well after she dropped out of the race for clerk of 1st City Court. A close associate of the mayor's, Wilson has used her contacts to more than double her $49,000 salary from NORD. She got a $40,000 contract to consult for Metro New Orleans Transit, Inc. She also was selected to fill a $70,000 a year position overseeing an economic development fund. Morial is president of the fund's board. Glenn Haydel, is head of Metro and happens to be Morial's uncle.

8/3/00 - Ronald Burns, Sr., a close supporter and friend of the mayor's, has convinced the Aviation Board to sweeten terms of an airport parking garage deal, without submitting it for reconsideration. New South Parking System LLC will now not have to borrow money to build a 2,500 space parking garage. The number of low level-revenue parking spaces has even been reduced! A public benefit corporation formed by the city will borrow the $43 million needed for construction. The developer now has NO risk. Aren't all the citizens of New Orleans your partners?

10/31/00 - Stan Barre, a prominent supporter of Mayor Marc Morial, will see a $660,000 parking lot placed right in front of his N. Broad Street business. The area, if you're familiar with it, is lacking in parking spaces and will definitely benefit with additional parking spots. Oh, yeah?

11/2/00 - A new parking garage is scheduled to be built at the N.O. Airport - $32,000,000 price tag. Each square foot will be about $12,888 as compared to East Jefferson General Hospital's square footage for its parking facility at $8,410. 53% higher! Ronald Burns, Sr. a supporter of Marc Morial, owns a little less than half the company. Morial has apparently checked with authorities to make sure the contract, and business deal, is legal.

11/4/00 - Mayor Morial has written a letter of criticism to the local newspaper for supporting George W. Bush. Citing his belief that the paper ignored Gore's assistance to the city in the past few years, Morial also asked the paper to reconsider its endorsement. Hmmm. Okay, Mr. Mayor, will you withdraw your support of the overpriced parking lot at the airport? Or the Broad St. parking lot for your friend?

11/5/00 - Stan Barre, Jr. responded via a YOUR OPINION letter his concern over the controversial parking lot in front of Broad Street business. He explained that he just lobbied his elected officials, but he doesn't understand the gist of the matter. It's not the lobbying's the prior political support you've given the mayor. The two don't spell honest communications, Stan. Get it, now?

11/8/00 - Both propositions won. A was for issuing up to $150 million in 30-year general obligation bonds and B was for $27 million issuance of general obligation bonds for jail construction and repairs and renovation of facilities. The city voters supported Albert Gore for President.

12/1/00 - Mayor Morial is continuing to come to the aid of Al Gore in his attempt to become the nation's next president. He's holding news conferences asking for a full recounting of all the votes.

12/14/00 - Marc Morial's decision to privatize management of two large city auditoriums was found to be illegal by a Civil Court Judge. Judge Robin Giarrusso said she would not void the contract anyway. You think the mayor knew this was illegal before he did it? Or, do you think he sought out another opinion before he authorized it?

1/5/02 - With several people running for mayor, including Police Chief Richard Pennington and Se. Paulette Irons, all candidates are busy seeking endorsements from the various political kindpins and support groups. The big prize, or one of them, is Bill Jefferson's. Stay tuned...

1/9/02 - In the race of fifteen for the next mayor, Sen. Paulette Irons has become the first to have mud slung at her. Seems she worked as an attorney for the Orleans Parish recorder of mortgages while serving in the state legislature. You can't be a dual office-holder. State law forbids someone from holding down a full-time job, but allows them to work part time. Her salary was $23,000. Pretty good for a part-time job, huh?

1/17/02 - Ray Nagin has received the endorsement from the local newspaper, a big coup. It says he understands: technology, management, enterprise, and New Orleans.

2/3/02 - Two political newcomers won the chance to compete in the runoff in early March when they surprised political experts. Ray Nagin and Richard Pennington were the two frontrunners in a race of about fifteen. This endeavor supported either one and is satisfied with the results. Paulette Irons, who was the victim of her own exaggeration, looked relieved that all this was over. She came in third. Singleton and Carter came in fourth and fifth.

2/28/02 - This web site supports Ray Nagin for Mayor. Although it doesn't like the idea that he claimed he is a CPA or the fact that he tried to get a contract as a disenfranchised minority business owner, we can't stomach the fact that Pennington has avoided the issues by digging up dirt. Do we really want a mayor who has won the race by doing this? I think not!

3/10/02 - By now everyone knows that Ray Nagin will be the next mayor of New Orleans. We all know that he beat Richard Pennington 59-41%. Both newcomers to the political scene made many mistakes during the race, but Pennington's mistakes were the costliest. He lost because of them. The once highly respectable police chief hired the wrong advisors and slung dirt throughout the runoff. His bad advice cost him the election. With the right people, he would have won. No doubt. Did he get the message that the people are tired of mudslinging? Did Bill Jefferson get the message himself?

3/17/02 - Outgoing Mayor Marc Morial's allies have shared in millions while collecting back taxes for the city. Sam Kogos, John Keller, and William F. Grace, Jr (king Rex of 2002) have all benefitted from his friendship.

7/24/02 - Mayor Nagin is apparently implying that after a sweeping arrest effort, former Mayor Morial and his CAO Gusman, knew about some improprieties that are now being uncovered. Stay tuned.

City Council Races

Scott Shea and Batt led the field of five to get into the runoff. They will meet in a runoff in April. Shea and Batt became experts at slinging mud in the primary. Shea even sued Batt over residency requirements. Shea later lost in an appeal, obviously. In the race to replace Suzanne Haik Terrell, the current state Commissioner of Elections, Shea led the five member race followed by Jay Batt. No one got over fifty per cent.

4/16/00 - Scott Shea beat Batt for the District A seat.  Shea got 52%.

5/6/00 - Joyce Glapion, the wife of the recently passed Roy Glapion, has decided to seek her departed husband's council seat.  H. Kenneth Johnston was appointed to fill the seat until election time, but cannot run in the election. 

Times Picayune 7/22/00 reports that Marc Morial's man, Marlin Gusman, is looking to fill the seat of Roy Glapion late of District D.  Apparently, Councilman Troy Carter has other plans for his man, or woman, Joyce Glapion - the departed Roy's wife.

8/19/00 - Qualifying for the City Council District D race were: Willie Gable Jr., Joyce Glapion, Marlin Gusman, Lester V. Johnson, Danatus King and Kenneth Plaisance. In the District E race, three people qualified to run. They are: Terrie Guerin, Mark McKenna and Cynthia Willard-Lewis.

10/12/00 - Marlin Gusman and Cynthia Willard-Lewis, with the backing of Mayor Marc Morial, won their respective races. Gusman won the District D seat while Willard-Lewis won the District E position. The losers were supported by Councilman Jim Singleton.

12/2/00 - October's special election for the New Orleans City Council's District D seat turned out to be an expensive affair. Marlin Gusman and Joyce Glapion spent more than $688,000. The job only pays $42,500 a year. Scott Shea and Jay Batt spent $825,000 for the District A seat. 

12/14/00 - The City Council dropped a former mayoral candidate's firm from the advisors list of lawyers, economists, and accountants. Ken Carter is considered an ally of Councilman Jim Singleton. The Council is supposedly controlled by allies of Marc Morial. 

11/29/01 - Marlin Gusman has decided to seek reelection for the District D position. Formerly Mayor Mac Morial's chief administrative officer, Gusman has served on the council since a speicial election victory.

2/3/02 - For Councilman-at-large, Oliver Thomas and Eddie Sapir beat five others to win outright. Scott Shea beat out Jay Batt for the District A seat. Renee Gil Pratt beat out Kenneth Bazille and Donald Pryor for the District B position. Jackie Clarkson beat out her challengers outright to retain her seat in the District C post. Marlin Gusman won the District D seat beating Bert Lodrig Jr. and Cynhia Willard-Lewis beat Wayne Johnson for the District E. seat

3/10/02 - Jay Batt beat out Scott Shea for the District A seat. In a repeat of the race two years ago, Batt won by just a couple hundred votes.

Voters Have Pull

District Attorney

8/22/00 - Harry Connick's office missed a deadline to prosecute Patrick Ruffin, a three-time convicted felon. His case was overturned by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal on a technical ruling. He was originally charged with two counts of armed robbery. Wow! Unbelievable..

School Board

8/19/00 - District 1: Cheryl Mills (incumbent), and Katherine Tonnas qualified. District 2: Gail Glapion (incumbent) and  Paul Jordan. District 3: James Fahrenholtz, Timothy W. Hassinger and David Shroyer (incumbent). District 4: Ellenese Brooks-Simms, Les Evenchick, Peggy Katengell, and Pierre Prevost. District 5: Kenneth Bazile, Carolyn Green Ford (incumbent), and David Howell. District 6: Una Anderson (incumbent), Lois J. Dejean, and "Joe" Jones. District 7: Elliot Willard.

12/16/01 - The Chief Executive Officer's father is cleaning up as a janitor at George W.Carver Senior High. He's making $70,000 a year. Wow! Can you believe the chief is letting this happen! Especially since the people put him in his position without all the qualifications necessary to be there. Seventy thousand dollars a year! Wonder how many teachers make that! Wonder how many teachers would like to be a janitor with that kind of salary? He made $38,754 in overtime pay. Teachers are struggling to find just hundreds of dollars a year in overtime. They're looking for hidden grants to earn a little overtime. They're watching school system newsletters to check out any opportunities. They're listening to the grapevine to make a little more money. And, Alphonse senior is making over thirty-eight thousand dollars a year in overtime!!

11/4/04 - The upcoming board will have no anti-Amato members. Thanks to a thorough cleaning, the school board will be able to assist the system in moving forward under Anthony Amato. Only Andersson and Fahrenholtz, two Amato supporters, remain. Congratulations!

Civil District Court Judges

Judge Michael Bagneris is scheduled to become the new chief judge of Orleans Parish Civil District Court January 1, 2001.

Criminal Court Judges

1/14/00 - A Times-Picayune editorial criticized Judge Charles Elloie for setting criminal bonds without consultation from the district attorney prosecutors or the police. Once he pre-empted a magistrate court's ruling.  He set Anthony Vicks' bond at $75,000. When Anthony made bond, he allegedly began a robbery spree just after hours of his release. All this after a 1993 law forcing New Orleans judges to hold a court hearing before modifying a bond order. Did the judge violate the law and escape punishment? Joseph Zardies, a twice convicted burglar, was arrested 12/29/99 and charged with drug charges. His bond was set at $100,000. On January 4th, Elloie lowered it without a hearing.  One time he even helped another criminal get free. Keefe Anderson, got released with the judge's help. NO reduction done. Zero bond? Anderson had lied on his bond paperwork. Hmmm...

3/23/00 - Judge Elloie reduced the bond of a murderer TWICE before he killed a Kenner man. Byron "Head" Davis was arrested twice on narcotics charges and was released without a public hearing. Davis has a criminal arrest record dating back to 1980, shot a man five weeks after his latest release. Maybe Judge Elloie needs to go sit and observe Judge Julian Parker's sentencing habits.

4/14/00 - Judge Julian Parker gave Jermaine Hudson 99 years after he was convicted for armed robbery, second offense. Parker remarked during the sentencing that Hudson was in "dire need of penal guidance". The Convicted Hudson forced a 20 year old off of his bicycle at gunpoint and ordered him to lie face down in the street after he gave his assailant about $75.00. Hooray for Judge Parker! Keep up the good work.

10/19/00 - Judge Elloie is at it again. Elloie reduced the budget of John L. Marshall, booked with aggravated battery from September 23rd, from $45,000 set by Magistrate Judge Gerard Hansen to $20,000. Is Elloie in a war with the other judges and district attorney's office? This is an individual that emptied a 9mm Ruger semiautomatic into a Ford Expedition (allegedly). After the victim complained and Marshall was released onto the streets, Elloie raised it back up to $45,000 - still way less than what the district attorney had originally asked for.

7/15/01 - Judge Frank Murullo released an inmate wanted for numerous charges in Florida - twice! Even after the two governors did the paperwork to prevent it. Miami/Dade county officials are steaming... Sonya Alfonso is wanted for skipping court, now. Marullo's comment was that Florida never came and got her and the D.A. missed a 60- day deadline to file felony charges. 11 counts of Medicaid fraud....three counts of drug possession...bail jumping!!

1/9/02 - Judge Calvin Johnson may sentence a man convicted of shooting a police officer to the lightest sentence possible. John Dorsey pleaded guilty, and because of plea bargaining, is scheduled to receive fifteen years. Police officers are outraged! So are we! Victim-rights groups believe Dorsey should receive 50 years in prison, the maximum. Dorsey's attorney said the sentence is just because Dorsey made a decision not to kill the policeman. Really? Dorsey must be a crack shot. We say, baloney. Give him fifty years!

3/10/02 - Judge Sharon Hunter's cases continue to be questioned by the 4th Circuit of Appeal. Seems the transcripts of these cases are disappearing. Examples include the cases of: Raynell Bright, Irvin Clark, Michelle Noel, Audrey Bell, Eddie L. Johnson, Bobby Dickerson, Donald McGee, Eckley Marshall, Gregory Hernandez, Pedro Bacot and Raymond Jones. Some of these criminals have been released onto the streets to look for more innocent people to prey on. Some have had their sentences shortened, and some have had their cases dismissed outright. Time to get rid of her next election. Definitely!

3/21/02 - Judge Sharon K. Hunter, elected in 1996, has apparently lost a series of transcripts, etc., has been ordered to surrender all administrative duties to a temporary judge by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Judge Jerome Winsberg has been appointed to handle all hirings and firings of staff, besides handling court minutes and transcript preparations.

7/23/02 - The Louisiana Judiciary Commission has recommended that Orleans Parish Criminal District Judge, Sharon Hunter, be removed permanently. Dozens of trial transcripts have been lost, and she had reportedly had hired her mother in an official position. Other abuses have also been identified.

Juvenile Court Judge

8/19/00 - In Section C, Salvador Mule, the incumbent, saw two others qualify. Yvonne Hughes and Brian D. Perry also filed. In Section F., Mark Doherty, the incumbent picked up Timothy Bordelon as an opponent. 

10/20/00 - According to a just heard news report on WWL 870 AM radio, Juvenile Court Judge Yvonne Hughes owes more than $38,000 in electioneering fines. Seems the judge, who was recently elected to the Section C position will not adhere to the law. Shouldn't a judge, no matter what type, obey the laws of the people? This is pitiful!!! This is the second shady character the people have chosen to elect despite a less-than-perfect past. Remember Sherman Copelin and the FHF?

1/12/01 - Wow! It looks like Judge Yvonne Hughes will finally be made to pay her fines. Now the Louisiana Board of Ethics may garnish her wages... Imagine, a judge having her wages garnished!! Imagine that. Hughes offered to pay $100 a month until the $50,000 is paid. Hmmm, how long will it take?  And, she makes $92,000 a year!! Remember, Hughes refused to comply with election laws in 15 elections!! She was even sued for $10,000 in 1996!! She has previously argued that she did not have money to pay the fines... has she ever just thought about just obeying the laws...huh, judge??

11/4/04 - David Bell and Yolanda King are in a runoff for an open juvenile court judgeship.

Court of Appeals

10/8/00 - Joan Armstrong, the incumbent, will retain her seat on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal after beating Ethel Simms Julien, 57 to 43%.

Municipal Court Judge

8/19/00 - George Chaney qualified to run against the incumbent, Bruce J. McConduit.

City Court Judge

8/19/00 - Mary K. K. Norman was the lone qualifier in the 2nd Court seat.

City Court Clerk

8/19/00 - "Marty" Broussard, a Democrat, qualified by herself in the 2nd Court seat.


2/3/02 - Charles Foti won an eighth term despite all kinds of controversy during his term. Much of it, undeserved. Paul Valteau, the civil sheriff went unopposed.

11/4/04 - In a race with no incumbent, Marlin Gusman defeated Warren Riley for Criminal Sheriff. 53-47%.


2/3/02 - Darren Mire beat out the controversial incumbent Patricia Johnson for the 1st Municipal Assessor's position. Johnson was called incompetent by others. Errol Williams and Janyce Degan retained their assessorships.

8/1/04 - Wanna be relieved of your home assessments? Seems like all you have to do is donate money to the assessor's election campaign. Did Anne Rice's assessment disappear as officials would make us believe? Or, was her other properties packaged into one for assessment purposes? Her assessor won't comment. Apparently, this is what happened. The Rice's bought a home on St. Charles for $850,000. A year later, they bought two more on Third and Prytania Streets. $750,000. The assessor then orders a compilation of the properties. Next, the St. Charles property disappears off the tax rolls! Then mysteriously it devalues to $515,000. What's that, $335,000? So, donate some money and, perhaps, your property tax bill will disappear too. Oh, the amounts? How 'bout $2,000. Then, $2,500 to the successive assessor. Hmmm. Shouldn't there be an investigation?

Clerks of Court

2/3/02 - Criminal and Civil Court Clerk incumbents both retained their seats. Lombard beat Reed for the criminal position and Atkins beat out Dawn Landry for the civil office.


8/19/00 - Ennis Grundmeyer, the 2nd City Court Constable incumbent, picked up one challenger, Maurice Mondell.

10/8/00 - Longtime incumbent, Ennis Grundmeyer, beat Maurice Mondell, 72% to 285.

More Politics

11/16/01 - A measure to impose a $300 annual property fee for the Lake Oaks subdivision to promote security and beautification is on the ballot for Saturday. Neutral. Although residents can afford the fee, why pay another one if it's not needed. Only they can decided whether it's needed. Your choice, guys!

11/18/01 - Residents of the Lake Oak subdivision rejected a proposition to impose a five-year annual fee of $300 on all taxable properties to pay for security services.

2/3/02 - A measure to increase the minimum wage $1 an hour won easily and awaits a court challenge. Prediction: It'll never see daylight. Another measure to renew a $100 fee for enhanced police protection in Lakeview also passed. A third measure to rename NOBID and to let it continue to tax commercial property passed.

11/4/04 - Voters okay a bond issue supported by Mayor Nagin that included $260 million in street repairs and other issues.

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