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          THE IETK-LINUX INITIATIVE  View a Linux SlideShow

         Welcome to IET Kanpur's Linux Initiative site. IET kanpur has plans to play a dominant role in the growth of the Linux User Base in this region and has thus initiated plans to start the very first Linux User Group of Kanpur  (LUGoK)
         As the next step towards our goal, we are drawing up a strategy of regular meets and interaction. We are proud to admit that the industry, both local as well as regional has been very supportive towards the initiative and our resource needs are well being taken care of. Inspite of being new and afresh, our zeal and enthusiasm towards the Linux movement has instigated many to join us and the corporates to bestow patronship to us. 
        Although still at a very premature stage, we have got leading edge industrial and corporate sponsorships for our activites and I have full pride in our members' abilities when I say that. We are very hopeful ( positive ) of organizing a respectable seminar/conference on the lines of Bang!inux in the very *near* future. Look forward to announcements in this regard at this site. 
         We are thankful to you for your support towards this great objective and look forward to having you with us in our maiden venture to bring to the masses an OS that is both free, as well as more robust and reliable than any other available on the shelves.

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Saurabh Garg