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Supplies: Supplies: beer, people, and a deck of cards or more.

Begin by creating a pyramid of cards by placing them face down on the table in rows. - See diagram. The bottom row should have one card and the top row can go as high as you want (5 is a good minimum). If you want a larger pyramid, make sure you have enough cards.


Next, deal out four cards to each player, face down. Players can look at their cards and should not let other players see them.

Now the fun begins. Remember, the object of the game is to make other players drink based on what cards they think you have. Turn over the bottom card. If a player wishes he/she may tell another player to drink one, regardless of whether or not they have that card in their hand. The player chosen to drink may either drink or ask to see the other person's corresponding card. If the player has the card, the other player must drink double. If he doesn't have the card, then HE must drink double.

Turn over the next card in the row. If you're at the end of the row, go up to the next row. The number of drinks corresponds to the row you're in. If you're in the third row, you're playing with three drinks.

Players should take note of the cards other players were forced to show. A good memory and good bullshitting skills should come in handy.  

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